How to Wear Loungewear Without Looking Lazy

The crisis that left us working and learning from our homes upended many routines, but many quarantiners found some unexpected advantages. For one thing, the dress code was suddenly very different. Some people traded in their professional wear for something entirely opposite—loungewear. 

Loungewear has gained popularity for a long time and is usually defined as comfortable and casual clothing that you can wear just about everywhere. It’s perfect for a relaxing night in, but you can also wear it outside of the house. 

While some loungewear is perfectly fashionable, other outfits can be unflattering and not present the right image. The right outfit can be the perfect work-from-home accompaniment, so these tips can help you pick out the ideal ensemble and slip comfortably into your new routine.

A New Normal

It took a long time for people to figure out how to run their office or education from their homes. The technology took off fast, but the ins and outs of work-from-home etiquette took some trial and error. This was nowhere more obvious than when it came to dress codes. It went right out the window in many places, and you could see your boss in a T-shirt and shorts. Other places, like schools, often tried to insist at first that all rules remained the same—and usually met with quite the pushback. 

However, most places that trusted their employees soon found out that giving added freedom didn’t result in any loss of productivity. People could remain professional and effective even if they looked like they were just lounging around at home. In fact, the added comfort gave some people a new burst of energy. The Covid era put many people under stress, and being able to reduce the stress of picking an outfit helped. 

Now, as more people are headed back to the office, a lot of workers are asking if all the old normal has to come back. Some people are continuing to work from home, while others are coming in part-time. For many of them, the appeal of a more casual environment and more comfortable clothing is hard to resist, and bosses are being pushed into taking a more lenient stance. That led to a boom in loungewear production, as added comfort is appealing whether you’re at home or at work. 

Elevating Loungewear

Whether you’re working from home and want to look presentable on a video chat or coming into the office and concerned with looking presentable, there are some simple ways to take the outfits you’ve been wearing all year and jazz them up into a work ensemble. 

You’ll want to make sure you have the proper fit for your outfits. With loungewear, it’s common not to be too concerned about sizes as long as it’s in the general area. After all, as long as it’s not obviously too tight or too loose, it doesn’t matter? But when others are looking, if an outfit is obviously hanging off you, it can add to an unprofessional appearance. You should be able to find a properly sized outfit at a location that will allow you to try it on or return it if it’s not an ideal fit. 

Don’t forget the accessories. Having a smart handbag or briefcase can send a strong impression the minute you walk into the office, no matter what you’re wearing. For people who require prescription eyewear, your glasses frames can make a fashion statement as well. 

Adding a jacket or blazer can also make a big difference for an outfit, especially if you’re largely being seen from the waist up on a video chat. You can wear your regular comfortable ensemble, but the jacket covers all issues and presents the impression of charismatic office wear. Depending on the look of your shirt, you may even be able to keep it open while on screen and use the jacket as an accent. 

Wearing fashionable shoes can be a great choice if you’re headed into the office. If you’re walking a lot, you’ll want to make sure you’re comfortable and many of the best modern shoes combine form and function. If your shoes pull someone’s attention when you walk into the office, it’ll pull your outfit together as a whole. 

A New Definition of Comfort

Change can be good, and today’s workers are finding a more casual approach to clothing benefits them in many ways. Why not give your ensemble a new-normal reboot? The loungewear revolution is waiting for you.