How Mailing Bags Are Sustainability In Practice

A lot of packaging used for delivering products can be not very eco-friendly. However, it doesn’t have to be that way. You could make a switch to using your own printed mailing bags instead. Not only will they solidify your brand standard, but they’re also available in recyclable materials! Let’s explore further how mailing bags are a sustainable packaging choice.

The Material

Most mailing bags are made from polythene plastic, and contrary to what you may believe, they can be fully recycled. To ensure they don’t end up in a landfill, you can take them directly to your closest recycling plant where they’ll be completely reprocessed. Alternatively, some supermarkets also offer to recycle these types of bags as they’re the same material as the standard plastic shopping bag. You can also find mailing bags that are made from recycled plastic too!

Compostable and Eco-Friendly

With sustainability at the forefront of a lot of consumers’ minds, it’s important to pay attention to how products are packed. Polythene mailing bags are a good option as they can be recycled, but you can also find bags that are fully compostable. Another eco-friendly option is using paper mailing bags. These can be sent with the rest of your household recycling, and cardboard can be easily composted too. Some mailing bags are also bio-degradable, meaning you can pop them into your normal rubbish, and they’ll naturally break down on their own accord.


Although it can be great to continuously recycle items, recycling itself requires energy and does have some effect on the environment even though the intentions are good. Mailing bags are great in that they could be reused in other ways. For example, you could reuse a bag to store papers in to organise a desk drawer or wrap items in them when packing a moving box. By limiting the number of things we use once and get rid of, or recycle, we work to create a bright, sustainable future.

Smaller Packages

As well as making sure the packaging is sustainable, you want to be aware of your carbon footprint. Opting for mailing bags will allow you to ship smaller packages, meaning that more packages can be shipped at once as not as much space is being taken up. This, in turn, means there are less journeys involved when transporting the items. Mailing bags come in so many different sizes and are less structured than a cardboard box. Due to this adaptable structure, you can bulk ship items in a smaller package. Rather than sending items in separate boxes because they don’t all fit into one, you can send them all together, greatly reducing your carbon footprint.

Blister packaging is also commonly used for small items like batteries, medicines and toy cars. Because blister cards – Andex are not as complicated to make as most other plastic packaging techniques, the cost to produce them is slightly lower than others.

Some items, such as large pieces of furniture, need to be shipped in different methods as realistically, a mailing bag won’t work. However, if we could take all of the smaller items that don’t require multiple boxes and ship them in one recyclable, eco-friendly mailing bag, sustainability will be easy.