Five Great Cars to Drive in Montana

Montana is the land of wide-open spaces and Big Sky. There is plenty of nature to explore and towns peppered across the state to become acquainted with. Whether you already live in Montana or are interested in moving to this state of purple mountains and fly fishing, you should think about what kind of car you should drive around Montana. Below are five cars, which may be listed on that car dealership near lumberton, that you should think about driving in this great state.


A great car for every lover of the outdoors is a Subaru. Subaru has continued to make models of their cars that are great for camping, hiking, and driving through the mountains. These cars have all-wheel drive, racks for outdoor gear, protective plastic covering on the bottom of the cars, heat seaters, and plenty of awesome perks. A Subaru is perfect for living in Montana. It doesn’t matter if you will go out to nature often or are simply driving to and from properties, a Subaru is the perfect car for the state of Montana. Have your vehicle serviced by a subaru repair technician before you go on a trip to help avoid mechanical breakdowns.


When you’re not driving into the mountains or going fishing, you should think about driving a Tesla in Montana. A Tesla is a great car for driving down the open roads of this beautiful state. They are fast, for starters. There are few joys greater than pushing one of these vehicles across one of the open highways of Montana. Of course, there may not be as many public chargers available to you as you might find in a bigger metropolitan area. However, if you keep a charge and use the car for around-the-town purposes and to drive for pleasure, a Tesla is an amazing car to traverse across the land here.


Another great car for the outdoors is a Jeep. Jeeps provide ease when driving on bumpy dirt roads. If you plan on going to the furthest reaches of Montana’s landscape, then having a Jeep will help you do that. A Jeep is a fantastic car for any outdoor situation, but it’s also fun to drive. You are elevated. If you have an open-air Jeep, you can feel the wind through your hair and on your cheeks, or you can just as easily stay protected from the elements. Whether you are trying to have fun on the roads or need a Jeep to successfully travel in the backcountry, they are the perfect vehicles for the outdoors.

Toyota RAV4

A similar shape to Jeeps, the Toyota RAV4 is another great car for nature. It can double as the car you drive around town and the vehicle you take to the mountains. These cars are big, with plenty of space and the features you need to make it across rugged terrain. With a Toyota RAV4, you can bring the whole family hiking, fishing, and camping. Toyota isn’t necessarily known for their outdoor cars, but this model is where they really make the effort to appease this market. When you are looking for something versatile, big enough, and fun to drive, look no further.

Land Rover

Made for the people who want to take on the outdoors in luxury, Land Rovers are beautiful cars. They may not be the most sensible vehicle, but if you don’t care about the gas mileage or maintenance, then these cars are a joy to drive across the beautiful state of Montana and beyond. Land Rovers are a great second car for someone who already has something more practical. Even if you just want to powerfully drive along the highways of the West, a Land Rover is a nice vehicle for that.

Whether you are looking for something to take to the mountains or a car to rev across the highway, these cars are great options. If you live in Montana or are moving to this beautiful, wide-open place, you should have the right cars for the purpose. Driving across the open highways in Montana is something special, but you should also be ready to drive through rugged terrain if you want to explore everything this gorgeous state has to offer. If you are moving to Montana, thinking about your vehicle is a great idea. There are many things to think about when it comes to driving in Montana, but one thing’s for sure. It is one of the most enjoyable parts of life.