The Best Gifts for Grandparents This Holiday Season

Some of the biggest stresses of the holiday season come from trying to figure out the best gift for a loved one. How do we figure out what will be the perfect gift?

Parents, kids and spouses are easy, but what do we get for our grandparents? This is always tough to navigate because we are never sure exactly what they will or won’t use. 

In this article, we will take a look at a few of the very best options for gifts for grandparents this holiday season. 

Vinyl Record Player

Nothing will bring your grandparent back to the golden era more than the crackling sound of some of the best jazz albums ever like a their very own tabletop record player.

Whether it’s Ornette Coleman or Miles Davis, music just sounds better from the spinning turntables of a record player. They’ll be sure to spend hours replaying their favorites tunes over and over as they relax in the cozy comfort of their home. 

With several options available, you can be sure to get something they’ll love. Options range from standalone record players to players that can connect to their own home stereo system. Try and find an easy option for their home setup so they can play music whenever they feel like it effortlessly. 

Body Lotion for Relaxing Nights at Home

Nothing is more relaxing than running a bath, lighting a scented candle, and listening to your favorite songs on your new vinyl record player. Afterwards, you need the best and most soothing body lotion to get your skin comfortable and moisturized.

Grandparents are no different, they love a nice relaxing night at home. In addition to this, they need relief from itchy dry skin from dry winter air that comes with the holiday season. Body lotion could be the perfect stocking stuffer for them!

Body lotion is something that can provide comfort as well as a relaxing smell and feel they are sure to love. They’ll be happy you thought of them when they are relaxing in the evening with a paint by number kit making their favorite crafts or sitting by the fire. 

Military Memorabilia 

Nothing means more to your grandparents that served than memorabilia commemorating the years they were enlisted. Pay homage to their friends who paid the ultimate sacrifice by getting them something that will last forever.

Grandparents are proud of their service, so find something they can display in their home or on their vehicles like different military decals. These will be a great conversation starter at the diner each morning. 

If they’ve got medals, be sure to find them something to show off their hard work, sacrifice, and dedication that earned them the medal. There is nothing they’ll love more than something sentimental that reminds them you appreciate their bravery and hard work.

This is a gift idea that truly will make the season one to remember for grandma, grandpa, or any loved one. 

Get them a Pet

This one might need a little pre-work on your part to make sure that it will go over smoothly, but a pet is a wonderful gift for grandparents.

In a house that may not have as much interaction as it used to, it’s easy for seniors to get lonely sometimes. That is why a pet is a great way to introduce some excitement back into their household.

One of the most popular pets for seniors are corgi puppies. These small dogs are loving, easy to maintain, and extremely friendly. They are great with kids too for when the grandkids come over to visit. 

Consider a pet for your grandparents, as long as they’ll allow it and have the ability to care for it, it is a wonderful gift that will last for years. 

New Warm Weather Clothing

Grandparents may not be up on all the latest fashion trends and advancements in clothing technology, so why not use your knowledge and get them something new and hip to keep them warm this winter?

French Terry fabric is a newer product that is light-weight but offers many of the same advantages of fleece wear. This creates a product that is not as heavy and bulky as fleece yet provides the same warmth. 

Explore a few options in sweaters, sweatpants, and even activewear and see if you can find something that your grandparents could use. There is something for everyone no matter what their style is and they’ll be sure to love it!

Personal Wellness Products

As unfortunate as it is, seniors often live with chronic aches and pains. With that comes struggles to find relief. Luckily there are a myriad of new and innovative ways to relieve basic achy joints and muscles, without the use of medication.

New products like Hempvana Pain Relief Cream mix the traditional icy-hot feel of regular muscle creams with the additional benefits of hemp seed extract. This makes it soothing for aches and pains as well as beneficial for delicate skin.

This is a great gift for anyone who experiences chronic pain and also offers great benefits for dry skin that can be even more irritating in the winter months. Consider this for any senior that is looking for a better solution for their personal wellness needs. 

Funny Portrait of their Beloved Pet

If your grandparents already have a beloved pet in their home, consider getting them a funny animal portrait. These are wacky funny portraits of their animal that are sure to get some laughs and be cherished by the recipient for years to come.

Turn Fido into your grandparent’s favorite movie character, historical figure, or wearing the colors of their favorite sports team in moments and be the hit of the family Christmas. 

All you need to do is choose a costume, upload a picture of their pet, and place your order. A preview will be available in a few days for you to approve and you’re done! You’ll have the funniest Christmas present under the tree in just a few days of shipping and handling.

A Pair of Compression Socks

Compression socks are a great gift to ensure all day comfort for your grandparents. Benefits include all day support, swelling prevention, and increased energy. All things that are great for seniors.

Comrad’s compression socks are a wonderful gift idea because they are top-of-the-line and are offered in a vast array of different sizes and colors. You can find them in a variety of materials too so your bases are covered whether you need dress socks, moisture wicking, or warm thermal socks.

Compression socks are gift that you can be sure that they’ll use, and not just be tossed aside with other gifts and forgotten about. While you’re at it, you might as well order yourself a pair too as the benefits are wide reaching for all users!

In Conclusion

Grandparents don’t have to be hard to please. With these gift ideas, there is sure to be something for both grandma and grandpa.

Make sure they don’t feel left out this holiday season and get them a gift that is useful as well as thoughtful. You’ll be the hit of the family Christmas with these ideas!