How is the City of Missoula Helping Its Community of Veterans

The state of Montana has a thriving veteran community, in fact, 10.3% of the adult population are military veterans. Of these veterans, 80% are combat vets that actively served during wartime. These are a special group of men and women that have put their life on the line to help others and to serve their country. This is why it is important that the country gives back to these men and women. In Missoula, there are a variety of ways in which the city is trying to help veterans in their daily lives so that they can live peacefully without worry.

Financial services and home loans

Buying your own home and having security for your family is extremely important, but it can be difficult for veterans, especially if they are moving around the country a lot, or out on tour. In Missoula, veterans can get a mortgage at special rates to help them secure a home. A Hero Loan can be a valuable assistance in funding this major purchase and can be organized in as little as 2 weeks. One of the biggest differences between an ordinary home loan and a special VA loan is that you can purchase a house without needing a down payment. The interest rates are also competitive, making it easier to pay off the loan for the long term.

Substantial income tax breaks

All veterans living in Montana are exempt from paying state income tax, including Reservists on active duty and the National Guard. Even veterans that are stationed within Montana don’t pay income tax on their pay. The state income tax can be as high as 6.9%, so this represents a substantial saving. Veterans that have a 100% disability rating, may also be eligible for a reduction on property tax, as long as they are living in their home for at least seven months of the year. If a veteran’s income is less than $41,590, the reduction in property tax is 100%.

Family educational benefits

There are more than 50 military-friendly schools and colleges in Montana, including Missoula’s own University of Montana (UM). The university has recently had national recognition from the Veterans Education and Transition Office for helping to integrate veteran students into their community. Most veterans and their spouses are eligible for a reduction or a complete waiver of tuition fees. This can really help veterans and their families, especially if they are retraining for a new career. Veterans that are training for a nationally recognised qualification or a bachelor’s degree will also be able to transfer credit from their military training to go towards their educational goals.

Veterans make big sacrifices to help those in need and protect their country. It is important that Missoula gives back to the veterans, so that they can settle and integrate easily in the state of Montana.