Celebrating the Elk Season Extension Through Jan 2022? 5 Keys to a Successful Montana Elk Hunting Trip

This winter, Montana hunters have cause to rejoice as elk season now officially lasts until January 15, 2022. The authorities extended the season due to low harvest numbers, and hunters won’t need to apply for any additional licensing to participate. With that extra time available, you’ll want to make the most of it by creating a fool-proof plan. Here are five keys to a successful elk hunting trip. 

Pack the right gear

Before setting out, elk hunters should ensure they have the right gear, including top-of-the-line hunting clothing from companies like HECS. Future-first hunting clothing can block your body’s EMF emissions, making you as stealthy as the beasts you track. 

Weapons are next on the list of gear to pack. A few weapons elk hunters commonly choose include a rifle or a bow. A bow’s firing range is generally between ten and forty yards. On the other hand, a gun will give you an additional few hundred yards of firing distance.

With the temperature in Montana this time of year, you aren’t likely to want to sit and wait things out with a bow. Odds are, a rifle will bag you an elk more quickly and comfortably. 

Go guided for your first experience

If you’re not a seasoned elk hunter, consider taking a guide for your first experience. A professional elk hunting guide can show you the dos and don’ts of the hunt. Professionals can also teach you a thing or two about navigation and safety. 

Deciding between a guided or private hunting trip is a tough choice. If you’re new to the hunt or plan on going alone, a guide can make a real difference. 

Watch out for predators

Montana is home to grizzly bears, black bears, grey wolves, and mountain lions. If you’re heading out into bear country, come prepared. Never hunt alone, don’t keep carcasses close to camp, and stay clean while hunting. 

It also helps to do your research. Learn to recognize tracks, scats, and claw marks. If you notice these in the area, it might be safest to change location. A hungry bear may not care that an elk will make a better meal if you make an easier one

Come ready to carry

An adult buck can weigh nearly 500lbs once field-dressed. That’s a whole lot of elk to try and drag back out of the woods, especially if you’re shooting from a distance. Before you start firing, be sure you know the elk is somewhere you can reach it and that you’re prepared to carry it back to camp. 

Don’t be disappointed if you go home empty-handed

Elk hunting is an enjoyable Montana pastime, but it isn’t always lucrative. Only 17% of elk hunters bring home a buck, and fewer bring home a big fellow. Set realistic expectations if you’re heading out for a weekend in the woods. 

Knowing the odds might make you more successful as you may be more cautious about missing that mark. Be patient and come prepared if you want to be one of the one in five who ends the season with a kill. 

In closing

You can have a tremendous end-of-season run with these additional two weeks of elk hunting in Montana. To be successful, come prepared, be safe, and don’t fire unless you’re sure you can handle the prize.