What’s Your Bedroom Aesthetic? 5 Design Styles to Consider

Never underestimate the power of a well-styled room. In fact, research shows that your home’s interior design can affect your mood.  The colors, textures, lighting, layouts, and decor you use in your space can either cheer you up or make you feel depressed.

And since your bedroom is where you spend time recharging, reflecting, and relaxing, it’s only natural that you’ll want to style it in a way that reflects your personality.

So, whether you prefer a modern styled bedroom adorned with carefully chosen furnishings or you recently bought the Or & Zon textured duvet covers and throw pillows to bring out the Boho vibe in your bedroom, we are here to help give your sleeping quarters the perfect look.

Ready to be inspired?

Here are five bedroom design styles that will help turn your bedroom into the perfect sanctuary.

1.     Cottage

Cottage-style bedrooms are cozy, warm, and welcoming.  The color choices are soft shades of blue, green, or red meant to create a relaxing mood. Shabby pink, light apricot, and other botanical colors are also favorite choices for cottage bedrooms.

A cottage bedroom will also have a polished wooden or stone floor that gives it a more natural feel.

Further, layer your bed with a thick blanket and thick comfy pillows to give it a welcoming cottage vibe. Don’t forget to decorate your walls with vintage art pieces. Other accessories you can add to your cottage bedroom are table lamps and a few potted plants

2.     Industrial

The industrial style is inspired by the warehouses, lofts, and old factories often found in large cities. This style is clutter-free, open, airy, and trendy. 

The industrial bedroom is characterized by streamlined décor and furniture that’s built to last. Iron and rustic wood are ideal industrial bedroom furniture materials.

When it comes to the color pallet, industrial bedrooms are often dark, so go for a black wall tile or an exposed brick wall. The bedroom floor should be wooden or clad with polished concrete using ready-mixed concrete materials.  For some warmth underfoot, you can add an area rug. A high ceiling with exposed beams will also give your bedroom the perfect industrial look.

When choosing your light fixtures, opt for pendant lights, lamps, and metal or black and white chandeliers. Vintage décor pieces also go well with this style.

And don’t forget to add plants to create a cozy feel in your industrial bedroom.

3.     Boho

If you’re into bright and bold fabrics and patterns, then you’ll love a bohemian-styled bedroom.  

Boho style is characterized by a mix of colors and patterns, plus interesting pieces that make a statement.

To give your bedroom a boho look, go for bright, warm, inviting colors. If you’re averse to bright hues, you can choose to paint your bedroom wall white.  When it comes to décor, boho is the opposite of simple and sleek.  So, mix and match different decorative pieces and ensure your wall hangings have weight and dimension.

The Bohemian bed is made up of natural materials such as wood, brass, or rattan. Bring on the ruffled feel in your boho bedroom by investing in long layered reached or tassel beddings. Ensure your bed has volume to make it even more inviting.

Rugs are a must-have in a boho bedroom. In this case, choose a Moroccan or a Persian area rug. 

4.     Modern

Simple and sleek is the best definition of a modern bedroom. Often characterized by sparse furnishings, this style is elegant without noise.

When you think of a modern bedroom, think of a clutter-free sleeping area where everything is in its place.

Clean lines of furnishings and open spaces are perfect for the modern bedroom. Go for neutral color shades of brown, gray, white, black, tan, or cream. Atomic or clean-lined geometric patterns are also perfect for the modern style, as they’re both artistic and functional.

The modern-styled bedroom doesn’t have unnecessary and fussy collectibles. For instance, a large painting over a patterned wall will make a perfect décor piece for this bedroom. A lot of modern bedrooms also have raised furniture meant to bring the eyes up while also highlighting the airy open spaces characterizing the modern style.

5.     Coastal

When you think of a coastal-styled bedroom, picture the open, airy, and light beach houses.  The ocean is the key inspiration for a coastal-styled space. Such a room will have nice soft coastal colors and lots of natural lighting.

For your coastal bedroom, choose ocean-inspired colors such as blues, whites, or greens. Blue is one of the best choices for a coastal-inspired bedroom. Shades of blue from the sky, turquoise, to deep-sea blue will all work perfectly for this style.

Natural unfinished or weathered wood and stone are the perfect materials for coastal-inspired bedroom furniture.  When it comes to your bedroom’s accessories and décor, seek inspiration from the outdoors. For the bed, velvet, linen, cotton, or satin bedding are perfect as they give off a fresh and airy coastal vibe.

In closing, there are numerous interior design styles to choose from when it comes to styling your bedroom. Hopefully, the above five-bedroom styles will give you the inspiration to get started with your bedroom makeover.