What Makes Jewelry a Great Black Friday Purchase?

With Black Friday just around the corner, we are all getting ready to grab ourselves a bargain or two. While there seems to be a huge focus on tech-related items, you can still also find some great deals with what are perhaps more traditional gifts. In reality, you can probably find a great deal on practically anything and everything.

Speaking to Betway Casino, retail expert Bob Phibbs explains why there are so many bargains to be had: “The entire period from Black Friday through to December can actually be a time that erases all losses from the previous three quarters and makes a business profitable for the year-end.” With this in mind, Black Friday is a great time to go ahead and purchase jewelry as a gift for your loved ones.

The history of jewelry

Jewelry has a history a little older than Black Friday! In fact, archaeological finds suggest that we were wearing it some 25,000 years ago. Originally made from bright pebbles, stones, and feathers, it was more about status than gifting. As time went on and people were able to craft with metal, functional pieces were produced such as broaches that held clothing together.

In the early days, and to some extent now too, jewelry was about status. The jewelry that you wore was a display of your wealth and your position in society. Even today, we are all quick to admire a stunning piece worn by a royal or a celebrity.

Jewelry as a gift

Beyond the practical functions of jewelry, certain pieces began to represent things. Rings became a symbol of love, commitment, and fidelity. Gifting cute beaded bracelets and necklaces took on a meaning that went way beyond the functionality that went with the jewelry of old.

The tradition of gifting jewelry has continued. According to figures from Betway Casino, Black Friday 2020 saw an astonishing 779,090 Google searches for Pandora jewelry. Pandora has created a name for itself as the ultimate in gifts. With bracelets that can be forever added to with both meaningful, and sometimes amusing, charms, gifting a Pandora bracelet means there is no scratching of the head when it comes to thinking of future gifts (Christmases, birthdays, Mother’s Day – all sorted for the next decade or so!).

The Black Friday Effect

So, what is the reason that jewelry is such a great purchase during Black Friday? Well, like most items, jewelry comes with some fantastic discounts that just can’t be beaten at any other time of the year. The reason there was such a spike in searches for Pandora is because people have come to expect some great bargains from this company as well as other jewelry producers.

Jewelry as a gift is something that will always be appreciated. Whether it is a piece for a significant other or something special for a child, jewelry is a gift that can be cherished for years to come. The fact that you can pick it with some seriously great discounts during Black Friday, just makes it that much better!