The Pros and Cons of Screen Recording

The current situation in the world is unstable. Many people running a small business need help to preserve their jobs. To stay on the float, many of them start working remotely. Working from home, however, is not always convenient, especially if it requires teamwork. Due to the conditions the distant workers are put in, the use of screen capture software has been on the rise. Screen recording software helps people to visualize their thoughts and ideas on the computer screen and share them with others.

Screen capturing is widely used to create tutorials and explanation videos for employees. YouTubers use this kind of software to create video content for their YouTube channels. The diversity of tools allows choosing any convenient option. But still, every software has its pros and cons. Those who haven’t chosen a single program yet might be interested in the benefits and drawbacks different screen recorders can offer. You can check them out below.

How Can Your Business Win from Screen Recording?

Whether you have a small local business or work as a large company’s manager, you can feel the benefits of using the software for screen capturing. It may be helpful for collaboration with your team members or explaining the problems to be removed in a project you work on. Video screen recordings can also be used when greeting a new employee on board or helping your customers resolve the problem with the product they have purchased. 

Types of Video Screen Capturing Tools

The criteria for choosing a screen recorder vary depending on your needs. Some people plan to use the tool once in a while, while others need it for daily usage. Besides, the choice of the screen recorder will depend on whether your device is run by macOS or Windows. If you use the latter, this guide on screen capturing software for Windows 10 might be useful.  You may also like the idea of using an online video screen recorder, which allows saving space on your PC while providing a lot of useful functions.

Screen recorders may be subdivided into several types:

  • free and paid;
  • downloadable and online;
  • with and without video editing tools.

Whatever screen recorder you choose, it will have a set of basic features. They are screen recording, system sound recording, and microphone recording. So if you think these are enough for you, basically any video software will meet your needs.

The Pros of Screen Recording

The benefits of recording your computer screen are numerous, yet they depend on what type of screen recorder you use – free or paid. Still, there are some good things regardless of whether you pay for the subscription or not: you can save a lot of time by sending screen recordings instead of emails. Besides, you can record a webinar or a video call while being busy with other things.

 Not to mix everything in one pile, we’ll speak about the pros of free and paid software separately.

The Benefits of Free Screen Recorders

Here are the reasons to use free screen recorders:

  • they don’t require any fee;
  • a lot of them require no download, so you can capture video by simply visiting the chosen website;
  • they support many video file formats;
  • they are typically easy to use.

Reasons to Use Paid Screen Recorder

Despite monthly or annual payments required to use such software, paid screen recorders are definitely worth your attention. They can be especially good for those capturing educational videos, training videos for your employees, and people engaged in gameplay capturing. Why?

  • Paid services allow recording HD quality videos;
  • There will be no default watermark on your screen capture video;
  • You can add your own watermark to the video;
  • The video format conversion comes as one of the features;
  • No limits for video duration;
  • You can set a recording timer;
  • Cloud storage;
  • Allows sharing a link to the screen recording saved in cloud storage;
  • Basic video editing tools are available.

The Cons of Screen Recording

Aside from the lack of interpersonal communication between people, there are a few drawbacks to recording your computer screen. They are:

  • the presence of a default watermark on videos made using free video recorders;
  • the low resolution of video;
  • poor quality sound;
  • might be incompatible with macOS or Windows;
  • only some can be used on Android and iOS devices;
  • limited recording time in free screen recorders;
  • some paid software doesn’t offer cloud storage.

These drawbacks are not critical, but they can be annoying for some users.

What Screen Recorder to Choose. 3 Best Choices

Naturally, everyone has their point of view on what screen recorder is the best one. We’ve chosen the three we think are the best, so we’ll be happy if you use our recommendation. 


The reason we added this software to our list is its simplicity and a nice selection of features it offers at no fee. Apowersoft requires no download and is accessible online. Anytime you need to capture video, just go to this page, install a launcher on your PC/Mac, and click on the Start Recording button.

Despite it being free to use, you can record your PC screen for as long as you need it. Using Apowersoft, you can capture the whole screen or its part. If you need it, webcam recording can be added to your video. The best thing about it is that you can edit screencasts while capturing a video and save your clips on cloud storage.

Screen Capture

Screen Capture has a basic set of features needed for making your screen video. It includes the recording of a microphone and system sounds, as well as webcam video capturing. But unlike other free programs, it allows saving videos in HD format. The only drawback is that there will be a watermark on your videos. To use it, just go to this website and start recording.

Icecream Screen Recorder

Unlike the previous two, the Icecream screen recorder is downloadable software. It is compatible with Windows, Mac, and Android. The software has lots of features to provide you with the best screen capturing experience. You can record either full screen or selected area only. Single or multiple webcam recording is also available. Icecream can not only capture screen video but also take screenshots. You can add your brand logo, text, arrows, and shapes to the video. This software can also work for gamers as it has a 3D game recording feature.  Finally, you can upload your screen captures to Google Drive, YouTube, and Dropbox.

Summing Up

Whichever software you choose, it will have its pros and cons. Concentrate on the benefits, and if the drawbacks seem insignificant, then you have found the best software for screen capturing.