The Main Differences Between a Psychic and a Medium

If you are new to the world of spiritual explorations, you may have heard about psychics and mediums, but what do they mean? Many people often use the term psychic and medium interchangeably, but they are two different things. They both can help you navigate the spiritual world, but they have different roles and varying approaches.

What is a Psychic?

In general, a psychic can help you on your soul’s journey as you traverse beyond the physical world. Psychics are known as those who perceive more than a regular person can. With that ability, they help make sense of the world. They can help you find answers for guidance on life, as well as relationships, health, career and other aspects.

On a broader spectrum, psychics use their extrasensory perception to tap into your energy. They do not necessarily provide predictive readings or visions of the future, but rather, they focus on helping you make sense of your own energy. They provide guidance-based readings.

Moreover, the term psychic is used as a general term in the spiritual realm. They can encompass everyone who has extrasensory perception. For some instances, psychics can use different approaches for readings. This includes those that use tarot cards and astrology, those that master reading the future, and even those that focus on connecting with the deceased, or the medium.

What is a Medium?

Mediums can be psychics, but not all psychics are necessarily a medium. Mediums are a kind of psychic who specializes in mediating communication between the physical and spiritual world. They

rely more heavily on energies, and they master the use of their extrasensory perception to feel and connect to spirits and the world that encompasses it.

Despite death and the afterlife being an enormously unexplored realm, several studies were conducted to understand how mediums work and connect to the spiritual world. They use their mind and body to sense the world differently like every other psychic. But they take it to the next step and focus on connecting to spirits and through spirits that they can reach through their senses.

The Main Differences

In a spectrum, psychic exchanges with the living, and a medium exchanges with the dead. Both of them use their extrasensory perceptions to feel beyond the physical world, but they differ in the energies that they focus on. When a person seeks reading from a psychic, a psychic will most likely focus on them, their energy, their spirit, and how they connect to the world.

Meanwhile, in getting a reading done by a medium, they will sense your energy and connect it to the spirit world to gain visions on your past, present and future. They will focus on who or what you want to connect to.

How to Find the Right One

The decision whether to get help from a psychic or a medium will depend on your needs. It is important to establish the reason why you want someone’s help to navigate the spiritual world. If you are seeking general guidance to find purpose and clarity for yourself, reaching out to a psychic can be what you need. When dealing with grief or finding comfort by reaching out to those who passed, mediums can be a good starting point.

Once you decide on the purpose of your journey, the next step is finding the person to help you. You can look for psychics online or ask for recommendations for local mediums. But you must be wary of psychic scams and frauds. It may be difficult to spot the real psychics and mediums from the fake ones, but personal recommendations from friends and people you may know and detailed reviews online can help you find a trustworthy individual.

Additionally, when you have found a psychic or medium, be sure to communicate with them and let them know what you wish to accomplish so you can both weigh whether they can help you or not.

Knowing the Difference Helps

Psychics and mediums are within the same spectrum. They can both assist and guide you through spiritual assessment and deeper perceptions that not all human beings can. But as these terms are used loosely by many, it helps to know the difference between them. This way, you will understand the way they work and know who to reach out to, depending on what type of reading you need.