Where To Ride A Bike In Missoula?

Missoula is one of Montana’s most popular cities in Monatna, especially amongst active people who enjoy spending their time in nature. This beautiful landscape located by the Clark Fork river sets the tone for relaxation and de-stressing your everyday life. So if you’re someone who enjoys active outdoor recreation, you might want to take your electric bike on a journey to Missoula.

Do we suggest you take a mountain bike with you, perhaps one from the Aventon MTB e-bikes collection? You should always choose sturdier bikes for such locations, and mountain bikes do the trick. Do you want to know where to go while in Missoula? We’ve got you covered.

Missoula’s Bike Friendly Places      

Bitterroot trail. If you’re a mountain lover, you will surely enjoy spending your free time by the wonderful Bitterroot mountains. This trail is relatively new, finished in 2018, which means it’s safe for those with mountain bikes. You can even visit the website representing this trail if you want more interesting information, tips, and tricks.

McCormickPark. This beautiful park has many beautiful trails, and a few playgrounds, which is why taking your kids on a ride and some playtime might be a good choice for parents. It’s a relatively easy trail as well, but you might want to watch out for pedestrians.

Milwaukee Trail. This trail is also called the Kim Williams trail, and it starts by the UM campus and follows the river to Reserve Street. The trail is partially gravel, partially road, so keep in mind you have to stay safe during winter.

Pattee Canyon RD. Adventurous folks might enjoy some extreme biking by the mountains, but don’t go alone, and make sure you give everyone enough space. There are many hikers in the area, and you want to ensure that everyone gets home safely. Pack some lunch and lots of water not to mention some bear spray!   

Bridges With Bike Lanes. Many people enjoy biking over bridges because they find the whole concept quite interesting. If you want to do so as well, you might want to look into those bridges that have bike lanes – otherwise, the trip might be a little bit too dangerous for you. You can check out Madison Street, Higgins Avenue, Orange Street, Scott Street, as well as Reserve Street.

Our Tips

Use common bike lanes if you have an older bike! Missoula has lots of bike shops and repair shops all over the city, but you need to stay relatively close to the main bike lanes if you want to be close to them. Again, we suggest you check out the map beforehand and make sure that you can get adequate help if needed.

Shared use paths by the river are best for pictures. If you don’t mind pedestrians, we suggest you go to some shared-use paths. They’re following the river, and you can have wonderful picnics, take great pictures, as well as enjoy a romantic walk by your bikes. Great idea, right?

To Conclude

Missoula has lots of great trails and many beautiful options to take advantage of. The town residents are rather active, so the states have made sure there are many bike lanes around the town. If you want to visit any rough paths or those outside of the city, make sure to use a mountain bike and bring your important possessions with you.

If you have an old bike or want to cruise through Missoula on your own, we assure you there is time for that too – remain close to the main bike lanes, and you’ll reach many interesting monuments, coffee shops, and restaurants in no time.