5 Tech Tools to Simplify Your Automated Home Space

As time flows, we often catch ourselves thinking that technology has captivated our everyday lives and continues to take a lot of our time. It may sound a bit pessimistic, but let’s evaluate new technologies as something that can help us feel free, comfortable, secure, even healthier, and with an opportunity to save money.

Technologies should not be thought of as harmful for people, overwhelming our lives, on the contrary, they should offer us more opportunities to have enough free time to perform our daily tasks quicker, and feel absolute simplicity with every touch. It’s all about the solutions for home space improvement, you will learn more by link when you can satisfy your individual requirements and create entirely convenient and safe conditions for life.

This article describes the top five tech tools that are based on the application of linear actuators and can, indeed, simplify your automated home space. Save your time, nerves, and money just using approximately two of them. These are the ways people care about their homes and family members.

A linear actuator as a leading element of top 5 tech tools

Linear actuators of different sizes and designs are applied for the majority of home automation projects. Moreover, you can find out that they have also been successfully used in versatile industrial areas. You can even automate many devices and objects at your home with the help of this device which is both simple and effective. All this variants are possible thanks to the advantages they possess:

  • They are friendly in terms of environment, as they do not require any harmful liquids to be applied;
  • Do not need any costs for maintenance just being pre-lubricated that allows constant smooth movements;
  • They have top feature connected with perfect positioning which means a linear actuator can be used in the most sophisticated spheres of activities;
  • They provide fantastically silent work, are user-friendly for use in a living space and industrial as well.
  • You can find any size of actuator you need for your smart home ideas to match any object or device you require.

The following benefits show that linear actuators deserve a top place among the range of other devices offered in the smart home market.

Top 5 tech tools to upgrade your home space making it simple

Standing desk

An ideal solution for those who care about healthy work conditions while seeking to discover new furniture units with simple and adjustable designs. There are several popular models of standing desks with versatile designs. Their integrated system allows the user to adjust height and width in a way to feel comfortable. Special legs give you the choice of the necessary stage. Today you can find out great options for frames and tabletops which are made of durable materials of high quality.

TV lifts

This tool can change your imagination concerning the use of home space and let you experience a fundamentally different way of television placement. Forget about searching for the center of the seating area! Today, it is not necessary to put your large LED TV screen directly on the wall or a huge TV stand. Due to innovative TV lifts, it becomes possible to save your room space, create a modern design and watch your favorite film from any part of your room.

A lot will depend on the lift you are planning to choose, as there are lifts with diverse functions. Some of them make it simple to place your TV on the ceiling, or in the hidden compartment of the stand, behind the ceiling (if the building construction allows), or on top of a dresser. Moreover, this mechanism is very simple to install and includes the same user-friendly control box to choose the position you like.

Motorized windows

Choosing such a tool as a linear actuator to improve the function of your windows is also a very good idea. This case requires namely electromechanical linear actuators which are very powerful and can operate distantly just by pushing a button. Depending on the season and part of the day, you can make suitable settings, so that your window closes and opens automatically whenever it is appropriate. Besides, you can install sensors to control the level of CO2, thus regulating the flow of air.

Adjustable worktops and automatic cabinets

The kitchen is one of the most used rooms in every home. We daily perform hundreds of things there, for this reason, it requires a lot of time for all the stuff optimal placement. To make the room look unclutched and capacious, you can think about adjustable worktops and automatic cabinets that allow you to keep kitchen tools and equipment hidden from sight. You can take whatever you need just by pressing a button. Everything is usually in order and fully harmonized.

A bed lift

You can free a lot of space with this smart tool and create an extra storage place. It is affordable for every homeowner, but if you want to install the actuators yourself, it is necessary to be sure your bed construction allows these changes.

Getting started with your home space improvement, you will discover not only these five options but also many additional variants on how to make your life better. Enjoy the process!



Hayley Mann is a technology enthusiast specializing in automation methods of ergonomics devices. Her engineering background helps her to create interesting articles on technical topics, making them understandable for all readers.