Twitter Marketing Strategy Tips

With 330 million monthly active users on Twitter, Twitter is one of the most widely used social media apps. Many businesses and professionals use Twitter to build brand awareness and drive sales. However, you should have a considerable number of followers on your Twitter account in order to achieve this. Although some people prefer to use services like that help them grow their account organically in a matter of months, you should also implement some basic marketing tips and tricks that will help your business in the long run.

Therefore, to help your businesses’ sales figures skyrocket, we have listed below the best Twitter marketing strategy tips. Check them out!

Complete Your Profile the Right Way

It’s easier for anyone to simply complete a profile, but it takes a tad bit of effort and time to complete your profile the right way. As your profile is the first thing the users will see, you should take into account the following aspects.

Profile picture. Make sure your profile picture is the same for all the other social media platforms, this way your followers will be easily able to recognize you. You can use the logo of your company as your profile picture. Don’t forget to use the right dimensions.

Handle. The same goes for your Twitter’s handle, keep it consistent across different social media accounts and it must be associated with your business name so it’s easier for people to search for you.

Bio. Your bio should reflect the personality and voice of your company and with 160 characters limit, you should use your words wisely.  

URL. Twitter allows you to add a link to your profile as well. For instance, if you’re going to launch a new product, adding a direct link will help you pitch more sales. However, make sure to always keep it updated.

Engage with Your Followers

Interacting with your followers not only helps you develop a strong bond with your followers but also inspires your potential followers to follow you as they can tell by the look of your account how genuinely you care about your customers.

You should reply back to your followers in the DMs and even retweet their tweets that are relevant to your business. This shows you’re not a robot behind the computer, but you’re really the voice of your brand.

Additionally, running polls can help you interact with your followers and at the same time get feedback for your products or get to know the preferences of your customers in case you’re on the fence to launch an item.

Tweet at the Right Time   

In order to get more people to know about your business, you need to post at the right time. But what really is the “right time”?

Now, this obviously requires some trials and errors. Your Twitter analytics will be your best friend in this case. It will show you at what time of the day your audience is most active and posting at this time will boost your engagement as more people will interact with your tweets.

It’s not always possible to post at a certain time. Hence, you can schedule your posts in advance using social media calendars to allow you to never miss tweeting at the optimal time.

Use Visuals in Your Tweets

According to research, tweets with videos tend to get the highest engagement rate followed by tweets with pictures. This tells how important it is for you to use pictures, videos, and even GIFs to spread the word about your business as this attracts more attention from the users.

You should also make sure to optimize your videos for mobile phones as well, since 93% of Twitter users watch videos on their phones.