Your AC Might Be Harming Your Health: Here’s How To Avoid That

Life without air conditioners is unimaginable for many people today. While heat intensity ranges from location to location, most people cannot bear the scorching hot weather during summer without proper air conditioning in their homes or offices. However, constant exposure to air conditioners can have some harmful effects on your health. 

Air conditioner sickness is a real thing and can result from minor to severe conditions. These conditions arise, not as a direct result of the AC but as a consequence of its interaction with your environment. The cold air produced by air conditioners is not inherently dangerous but combined with bacteria and other substances present in your surroundings, it results in some health issues. Although the issues aren’t life-threatening, you’d still be better off taking some precautions rather than bear the queasiness.

1. Clear Your Space Of Any Allergens

Air conditioning sickness is mainly caused by allergens, bacteria, fungi, mold, and mildew present inside your home or office. These allergens are already present in the environment and ACs basically help circulate these allergens and cause you to have a stuffy nose and a sore throat, sometimes difficulty in breathing is also observed. To avoid this, the first thing you need to do is clear your home or office space from any sort of mold buildup, mildew, and allergens present. This can be done by regular vacuuming and cleaning. Make sure as well that you eliminate the source, like any cause of moisture. 

2. Ensure Regular AC Maintenance

Regular air conditioning services and cleaning of your air conditioner are essential. Since the interior of ACs can act as mold generation places themselves, regular cleanup is necessary. So, if you want to minimize the harmful effects it produces, the experts at Pure Airways suggest that you get at least an annual cleaning service of air ducts and dryer vents of your air conditioner. Getting the unit cleaned and maintained by a professional hvac contractor is important because when air is passed over the coils in an air conditioner, it produces condensation and moisture generation. The moisture basically acts as an ideal environment for mold production. Mold remediation is also essential. Additionally, make sure that there’s a filter change every few months.

3. Set The Air Conditioner To A Moderate Temperature

If you set the AC temperature too high, chances are that you’ll easily catch a cold. When a cold environment is created, and humidity is low, cold-spreading viruses spread throughout the room, because of their high survival rate in extremely low temperatures. The extremely low temperature also makes your body more susceptible to illness because of the constriction of skin arteries. Another effect of extremely low temperatures is that it causes low humidity and can cause dryness in your nose, increasing the chances of infection. To prevent this, you need to keep your air conditioner set at a moderate temperature, which shouldn’t be too far from the outside temperature. This will also lessen your chances of getting thermal shocks when entering or leaving the room.

4. Stay Hydrated

The best way to avoid dry throats and headaches is to stay hydrated, as this will keep your throat and nasal passage moist and prevent infections or fevers. Since the low temperature due to air conditioners also causes restriction of skin arteries, it is pretty common to notice your skin getting dry and rough. So, use moisturizers to make sure your skin gets enough moisture and stays healthy and hydrated.

5. Use A Humidifier

Air conditioners, when set at extremely low temperatures, can cause the humidity levels of a room or space to go down to certain levels, and this decrease in humidity then causes several health issues such as dry throats or colds. If you don’t want to set your AC at a higher temperature because of the heat, you can opt for humidifiers. Humidifiers not only create a cool environment but also make sure that the environment is naturally humid.

Almost everyone has come to be dependent on air conditioners to survive the summer season. While ACs come with many advantages, there are some disadvantages to them as well. Air conditioner sickness, although not serious, can be quite frustrating. The constant exhaustion, headaches, dry throat, and sore joints can cause you a lot of trouble. Regular air conditioning repair and tune up should be scheduled to avoid your ACs from becoming a breeding zone for allergens and bacteria. Also, make sure to turn the air conditioning down as this will reduce significant negative effects. Otherwise, opt for a humidifier to maintain a balanced humidity level in your home or office. Make some lifestyle changes to improve health effects, drink lots of water to stay hydrated. Take care of your skin too, as excessive dryness can make your skin rough or even wrinkly.