Top Colleges in Wisconsin

1. University of Wisconsin-Madison

Established in the year 1848, The University of Wisconsin-Madison is a public state that is non-profit and a higher-education institution that can be found in the urban-type of place in the city of Madison, Wisconsin. Accredited Officially by the HLC or the Higher Learning Commission, this is university is a very huge US higher coeducational education institution.

This university also offers programs and courses leading to recognized officially higher degrees of education like bachelor degrees, master degrees and doctorate degrees in some areas of study.

2. Milwaukee, University of Wisconsin

Founded in the year 1885, the University of Wisconsin in Milwaukee is a state higher-education non-profit public institution found in the urban-type of an area in the city of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The population of this city ranges from 600,000-1,000,000 inhabitants. Accredited also officially by the HLC, it is a US higher education institution large coeducational.

This US higher-education institution is 135 years old and has a policy-based selective admission on entrance examinations and past academic grades and records of students. The rate range of the admission is 70-80%, which makes the organization of US higher education a selective institution somehow.

3. Marquette University

International students are absolutely welcome for enrollment application in this university. Marquette University also offers several non-academic and academic services and facilities to students, this also includes a library, sports facilities, housing, financial aids and/or even scholarships, exchange programs and study abroad, distance learning opportunities and online courses, and last but not the least, administrative services.

4. Lawrence University

Lawrence University has a rate of 61% in acceptance as per paytowriteessays, this means that this school is very much serious about who it wants to admit. You need to take your time in creating a strong application that will highlight why you are suitable for Lawrence U.

Student to Faculty Ratio

The ratio of student to faculty is used often to measure the teaching number of resources that a university offers for its students. The average in the national level for this metric is about 15 to 1, however, at this university, it is much preferable at 8 to 1. That is likely a good thing for students who need to interact more often on a personal level with their teachers.

Percent of Full-Time Faculty

To add, when it comes to the ratio of student to faculty, there are some people who look at the percentage of full-time faculty members as a way of how much time is needed for professors to spend on their students. This is because of the reason that the part-time teachers might not be on the campus as much compared to their full-time teachers.

5. Milwaukee School of Engineering

The retention rate of freshmen of this university which is 85% shows that most first-year students such as the Milwaukee School of Engineering are enough to come back for an additional year. This is quite higher compared to the average of 68% at the national level. That is really something worth checking in the good points about the school.