Scrapbooking Mistakes That You Might Want to Avoid

Scrapbooking is a very fun activity that often leads to wonderful results in the form of a finished little photo album full of creative photos and captions below them. However, once you get started you may be an amateur that could make a few mistakes that should not be done and which can lead to you having to start all over. Do not worry, this is not an issue, since after all, you are only getting started. There are some mistakes that you have to be careful not to do, and you will not be giving up on creating a nice little scrapbook after all. Follow this article to learn about some scrapbooking mistakes you should probably avoid.

What kind of scrapbooking mistakes should you avoid?

Even though it can be really fun, scrapbooking can be just as frustrating if you are making some mistakes that force you to start everything from scratch. That is why you should do everything slowly and think of every aspect before getting started on your project. All of these little issues you may cause yourself are easily avoidable if you know about them. Here are the things you must avoid doing when making your scrapbook.

1. Not planning the layout correctly

When the layout is too kitsch, you may not know how to deal with it once you have finished a couple of pages because you want everything to be different and it can look all over the place. You should think of certain simpler scrapbook layouts ideas and stick to the one you like the most. Having the same layout on every page can also be nice, and you may just have to draw a line and make it connect to the next page if you want to add something else to it. This way, the layout stays nice, simple, and fresh and there is not too much décor on it. This is the best way to go if you want your scrapbook to look nice in the end.

2. Overdecorating

It is really fun to decorate the layout and it can be satisfying once you see the results, especially if the scrapbook is personalized. However, decorating it too much can ruin all your hard work and you can start it over. Simplifying things is always the best and safest way to go and you should try it out. It will look and feel nice and it will still be eye-catching, but this time for positive reasons.

3. Using the wrong materials for the scrapbook

The first thing you must take into account is to decide what kind of material you want to make your scrapbook from and, unfortunately, your options are not unlimited. You have to find the ones that you will be able to attach your photos to easily, while you can also easily write and draw on them too so that you could decorate the pages with your hand as well.

When it comes to the things you want to attach the photos with, the best solution is not the glue, because it can ruin your photos since you will not be able to detach them. Some alternatives you should think about are sleeves or invisible tape and you should be fine in case you want to take something out or change some things.

4. Forgetting the stories

Scrapbooks are usually created so that they could tell an awesome story and they could be preserved forever after that. However, to have the great story you started your idea from, you need to remember the whole thing. A lot of the time, great ideas go to the trash because you forget the details that you wanted to add to the thing, and it can be frustrating when this happens.

Luckily, there is a very simple solution for your troubles that you may have even thought of. Write down your story first, from start to finish. Every detail matters and once you have it on paper, or your computer in a Word document, you will have no trouble remembering everything that you wanted to put in and how you wanted to caption everything.

This way you will know how to arrange the photos that you chose, and you will have no problem attaching, and then detaching them once you realize that that’s not the place you wanted it to be. You will also know exactly what to write and how the chronological order goes.

Knowing these mistakes is the first step towards fixing them every time you are making a scrapbook. Always plan the layout before starting and never overdecorate it. Make sure you use the right materials when it comes to papers and glue so that everything stays in one piece and always write down the story you want to tell with your photos. Good luck and have fun making your scrapbook.