High Quality Products That Men Will Appreciate

Are you looking for some inspiration in selecting a gift with class for a gentleman in your life? Maybe you are looking to treat yourself to something new that you might not normally purchase for yourself. This guide will provide some direction to anyone that wants to add some high value items to their own life or spoil a loved one or colleague. Your discretionary income may be in question after considering some of the items and suggestions on this list.

Enjoy The Spa Treatment Every Day

  1. Luxurious skincare is not just for women anymore. Moisturizers, anti-aging serums, scrubs, washes, and complexion correctives are available and geared towards the specific demands of men’s skin. Chapped lips and dry hands can be mended with soothing balms to ease dry and cracked skin.
  2. Is grooming his beard a source of personal pride? Consider crafted beard oils laden with essential oils that uplift the spirit and tame his tended growth. Straight razors with comfortable grips or a monthly subscription box with handles and replacement blade cartridges will be a welcome addition.
  3. Mediterranean or Turkish spa towels to add to his care routine could be just the touch to add to the spa-at-home experience. A plush robe in a matching shade would be a nice combination with a stack of fresh towels and luxurious soap.
  4. Handmade shower steamers in scents men will crave are a nice addition to any bathing experience. The essential oils will ease stress and open airways and pores to purify away the detritus of the day. Etsy is a great place to shop for items such as this.
  5. Warm stone therapy is a soothing treat to weary muscles. There are a variety of sets that include the stones and a warming apparatus. Although, use of this item will likely require assistance.

Adorn Him With The Accessories He Deserves

  1. Luxury timepieces or antique pocket watches are heirloom possessions that can be passed to future generations. Consider an item from Jack Mason and he’ll be sure to cherish the craftsmanship for years to come. There are a variety of choices for anyone who appreciates true artistry.
  2. Engravable cufflinks in any of a number of precious metals is a personal and elegant choice for the man who chooses class down to the details.
  3. A pair of work or driving gloves is a thoughtful and useful item. They can be found in a variety of true or vegan leathers with fingertips that allow for touchscreen use.
  4. Is he a veteran of the United States Military? Perhaps he would enjoy a custom navy cap or another item that reflects his rank and branch of service. The U.S. Armed Forces can personalize items for any Rank and Branch.
  5. A RFID blocking wallet can be a practical and beautiful addition to any man’s belongings. Paired with a tagging system like Apple AirTags and his items and identity are secure.

Indulge His Interests and Hobbies

  1. Does he enjoy life long learning through a modern view? Consider an annual membership to Masterclass for information from experienced experts and celebrities. The subjects are virtually limitless, and accessible on any schedule.
  2. If golf is a favorite pastime, a selection of monogrammed golf balls and accessories could be just the right fit. Add to this his new favorite driver or subscription to a golf publication. 
  3. Along the lines of sporting events, a season pass to his favorite team’s games combined with a player jersey from the team is something any fan would desire.
  4. If he enjoys being the bartender or mixologist at gatherings, a make your own small batch beer kit or alcohol infusion set up could be a nice addition to his repertoire. In addition, you may get to enjoy the products of his labor.
  5. If he enjoys art, the latest drawing tablet from Microsoft Surface or Wacom might be a welcome addition to his chosen mediums. The addition of a scanning bed will allow old drawings to be uploaded and adjusted as desired.

Something For The Manliest Of Men

  1. Does he indulge in axe or hatchet throwing? Not yet? Perhaps a paid visit to a local throwing league with a personalized weapon would pique his interest. Setting up a throwing range at home may also be an option if there is space available for it.
  2. Mail order cigars dipped in rich bourbon sound like a treat he might indulge in? Sites like Ted’s will get an order to him quickly. From personal experience, this becomes a fast favorite.
  3. Does he enjoy cooking in the great outdoors, but his camping equipment could use a refresh? Cuisinart makes a portable gas grill if he enjoys cooking al fresco. Weber and Coleman both have highly portable versions that run on propane gas.
  4. A subscription to a meat delivery service like Butcher Box or Blue Apron is perfect for the gentleman with grilling expertise. Throw in a wood smoker grill and ask when dinner will be served.
  5. For the dedicated camper, a pull-behind trailer like the BRS Sherpa or Oliver Travel Trailer is worth the cost involved to keep you comfortable regardless of where you stop for the night. The Sherpa includes a solar panel and is compact for pulling. The Oliver Trailer and other similar brands are larger, but are potentially more like a home away from home.

For The Gamer In Your Life

  1. If they have the room for one, a standing arcade cabinet is just the treat for the fan of classic gaming. These cabinets can be modded to order with whatever they enjoy playing, or you could round up a refurbished original cabinet with a little hunting.
  2. A posh gaming chair from a company like Secretlab so they can game in total comfort is a great choice. Add a matching headset from Turtle Beach or Skullcandy and a new controller and you may not see them in person for a length of time.
  3. An equipment upgrade to play their favorites may be in order. If you are fortunate you can find the latest edition of the XBox or Playstation. He may enjoy a new gaming Alienware laptop or a PC if that is within your budget.
  4. On the more reasonable end of gifts for an expensive hobby, gift cards for a console’s online marketplace are always a want and a need. A game pass to a chosen console will give them access to more games than they could ever possibly play.
  5. Bluetooth theater sound with Dolby Atmos is just the enhancement to make the most of atmospheric sound games like Fortnite. Additionally, home theater comes to life when whatever you are watching is adapted for Atmos.

Some of these items are admittedly quite expensive, but the adage of paying for quality is frequently true. There are a number of items that are easily affordable for someone with a modest amount of disposable income. It is perfectly acceptable to occasionally lavish yourself or someone you care about with an extravagant gift if you have the room in your budget. It’s also exceptionally kind to treat a friend with something that reminds them of their value to you. And sometimes, you just need to treat yourself.