Here’s How To Upgrade Your Car To Make It More Comfortable

There are over 300 million cars registered in the USA today; a truly staggering number. US drivers spend on average 1 hour behind the wheel every single day of the year! Sound familiar? With so much time spent in vehicles, it’s no wonder there is a demand for comfortable driving. 

While new cars are designed with much nicer ergonomics than ever before, there are still plenty of older or more used cars with a need for an upgrade. You can also update your car with quality custom stickers like the ones at Vinyl Status! If you have a car that’s just not quite sitting right with you, there are a few things you can do to make it a little bit more comfortable. 

Change Your Seats

Driving any distance means sitting down. Your comfort, when seated at the wheel, is super important, as, once again, any discomfort can cause you to be distracted from the task at hand. Your seats may be old and tired, therefore they may not be giving you adequate comfort and support.

One option here is to simply reupholster your seats, giving them a fresh cover and new comfort levels. This is an easy enough task and shouldn’t be too expensive. Alternatively, get brand new seats put in. Racing seats, for example, are designed to provide excellent support to the lower back and shoulders, making them a great option for those who drive long distances regularly. 

Windows and Windshield

It goes without saying that the windows and windshield are vastly important to your car’s comfort and performance levels. As listed on, cracks or poor-quality seals will create a noisy and draggy car. If you have even the slightest chip or any damage to your windshield, do not hesitate to get a professional windshield calibration or even Windshield Chip Repair Services San Diego immediately. For starters, it’s dangerous to drive with a damaged windshield, as it’s there to keep you safe and protected during your journeys! But, also, damaged windshields or windows can be distracting and annoying so get a windshield repair or car glass windshield replacement right away!

Seat Belt Covers

Wearing your seatbelt is a legal requirement. It’s there for your safety, especially in the event of an unexpected bump or accident. Annoyingly, though, they aren’t necessarily designed with comfort in mind! 

If your seatbelt annoys you or digs into your shoulder or chest, you should consider purchasing a seatbelt cover. These are simple covers that slide onto your seatbelt, giving extra support at all points of contact with the body. Don’t worry, they don’t make them any less safe!

Sound Dampening

If you’re driving an older car, it may be a little noisy – even if you have new windows put in! Noisy cars can be uncomfortable, distracting, or even cause annoying headaches over long periods. If this is affecting you, you can have a body shop put some soundproofing into your car. This dampening material will be placed in the flooring, roofing, and door cards to help soften and dampen any engine or road noise that enters the vehicle. 

Service Your Air Con

Wherever you live, you likely drive through all kinds of weather. Whether it’s rain, snow, or glorious sunshine, our car’s interior temperatures tend to merge with the outside weather. So, you may use your air-con to keep you warm in winter or nice and chilled in the summer months.

Air conditioning needs to be maintained and serviced. If the filters are clogged or the system is dirty, you will find you have underperforming air conditioning. This could lead to some very chilly or rather sweaty journeys! Any good car garage will be able to service your aircon for you, leaving you with a comfortable, temperature-controlled ride from there on in.

Keep The Air Fresh

Everyone loves that new car smell! But, over time, your car’s interiors will start to absorb all kinds of other smells. If you eat or drink, smoke, or have pets in your car, for example, the fabrics will absorb all of those scents, leaving you with a strange-smelling vehicle! Air fresheners are super cheap and extremely worthwhile. Plus, if you’ve got your air-con flowing nicely as advised, the air freshener scent will circulate nicely throughout your vehicle all journey long. Find a scent you love and your car will always have a fresh, homely feel.

These tasks are mostly simple and easy to do yourself or get sorted by a professional. For just a small amount of money, you can make your car feel brand new and more comfortable than it has ever been before. It will almost feel like you’ve got a brand new car. Drive comfortably and drive safe.