Battlefield 2042: Everything We Know

Battlefield 2042 is one of the most awaited games of all time. Dice and EA will bring a new Battlefield game in the future, set in the year 2042.

The game will make use of all the latest technologies, with dynamic storms and tornadoes randomly hitting all parts of the map. What’s more interesting is that Battlefield 2042 will also run on low-end hardware. But if you want to play maps with 128 players, you need a decent PC.

The new Specialist system lets players customize their loadouts just the way they want them. No longer will you be required to use weapons according to your class. You can use any weapon you want. If you want to learn more about Battlefield 2042, you can visit

New Game Modes

If you are wondering about Battlefield 2042 game mode, then you will be happy to hear that Breakthrough and Conquest modes are coming back. While Conquest supports up to 128 players, the gameplay is slightly modified. Now it consists of several sectors spanning across the map that have multiple flags. However, the Breakthrough gameplay remains the same.

Moreover, a new mode called the Hazard Zone is also coming. EA says it is a “tense experience that combines edge-of-your-seat gameplay with the best of the Battlefield sandbox.”

But, it’s not a Battle Royale game mode. Last but not least, another game mode called Battlefield Portal is also coming to the game. This will feature all the classic maps from the previous iterations of the game.

These include Arica Harbor and Valparaiso from Battlefield Bad Company 2, Caspian Border and Noshahr Canals from Battlefield 3, and El Alamein and Battle of the Bulge from Battlefield 1942.

Open Beta

Before the game’s release on October 22, players will have the chance to join the open beta for Battlefield 2042. However, you are required to purchase a copy of the game if you want to join the list.

No Single-Player

This will be the first time the developers have decided to remove the single-player campaign from the game. According to the developers, they have spent their time and resources towards providing an enhanced multiplayer experience. We wish it came with a story mode since that is what makes Battlefield games so meaningful.


Finally, let us talk about the latest feature in the Battlefield series, the Specialist. Compared to the existing class system in the game, the best part is that you can choose any weapon you want. For example, you can combine a drone along with a grapple.

There will be five specialists available when the game is launched, with one of them featuring a wingsuit. From primary to secondaries, medical kits, supply crates to throwables, everything is customizable right from the get-go.


There are seven maps in total. But like every other Battlefield game, we expect to see more when the game is launched. These include:


Set in Songdo, South Korea, players can zipline between skyscrapers. They will have to make their way to victory by fighting in the plazas that surround the data center.


Set in Brani Island, Singapore, here you will be facing tropical tornadoes and will have to find your way through the cargo container maze.


Set in Kourou, French Guiana, you will have to fight around the area of a rocket launch. Huge storms will affect your visibility and gameplay.


Set in Alang, India, players will find themselves with giant ships stranded on the beach. You have to fight amongst these while avoiding the oncoming storms.


Set in the Eastern Desert in Egypt, players will face extreme weather conditions. They will have to secure access points and really massive gates in the walled agricultural area.


Set in Doha, Qatar, you will have to fight other players as well as the gigantic dynamic sand storms that will blind you. The objective is to grab control of a convoy making its way into the desertified area.


Set in Queen Maud Land, Antarctica, the map revolves around an oil extraction spot. You can destroy the fuel tanks and silos that will help you create distractions and debris fields.

Battlefield 2042 is all set to launch on October 22 and will be first available on the company’s Origin launcher, along with Valve’s Steam and the Epic Games Store.

The game will also add four specialists and maps every year that will come with battle passes like the majority of multiplayer games.


Mentioned above are the key points about Battlefield 2042. Hopefully, you could get a clear glimpse of what the game is all about and are as excited as us. If you have anything more to add, slide on to the comment section.