An Exceptional Clothes Guide for Fishing in the Tropics

When it comes to the tropics, unpredictable weather patterns go hand in hand with the territory. But, for fishing enthusiasts, all you have to look out for are the two types of weather changes: the hot and wet weather – and a mixture of both.

You’ll be exposing yourself to severely hot and humid situations where winds will be super rare, almost non-existent. Yet, this condition is most ideal for fishing as your lures won’t be fighting winds and you’ll have perfect balance.

From hot and humid to sudden wet and cold, the weather in the tropics will test your clothing. So, knowing the right kind of outfit is exceedingly important. This is where we step in!

We’re providing an exceptional guide about what you need to wear while you’re fishing in the tropics. So, without further ado, let’s get right into it.

Protecting Your Head and Face

It should come as no surprise that covering your head and face first when you’re in the tropics is essential in preventing heat-stroke. That means having very breathable and light fishing hats at your disposal.

Here’s a list of hats that are suitable for the drastic weather in the tropics.

Trucker Hats

A mesh long-billed cap or a regular trucker hat is the first choice of most fishing enthusiasts. They easily provide excellent breathability while successfully covering your face. However, they’re not so great at protecting your ears and the nape of your neck, which get sunburned the most. Despite that, trucker hats are very popular and the first choice for many fishing veterans.

Instead of packing them into your suitcase (which can ruin the hat), they can be a part of your outfit while you’re traveling to and from your fishing destination.  Trucker hats are usually paired with a buff to help protect the ears and neck from the sun when fishing.


Considered a must-have when planning for a fishing trip, a buff combined with a trucker hat is an excellent and popular choice for many. Made with a seamless tube of breathable fabric that can be worn in several ways, they help to keep your face, neck, and ears protected from the damaging rays of the sun.

If you’re looking for the ultimate protection from the surprising elements of tropical fishing, a buff and trucker hat is the way to go.

Wide Brimmed Bucket Fishing Hats

Another popular amongst fishing enthusiasts, the wide-brimmed fishing hats are considered to be highly practical because of their ability to provide 360º coverage.

It keeps your face, nape, and ears safe from the harmful UV rays while making you look like a pro in fishing. You can pack them into your suitcase without fear of ruining their shape. Or, you can just make it a part of your outfit.

Aussie Bush Hats

The Aussie bush hat is another classic fishing hat and quite a favorite. The material can range from cheap synthetics to premium leather, both of which will help keep you protected from the sun.

Although not as breathable as the trucker hat, leather can last for a long time and is highly durable. If you can sacrifice a bit of breathability in exchange for quality protection (and the charms), then you’ll see that it’s totally worth it.

However, if breathability is a must for you, there are manufacturers offering models that come with air vents in the hats. Keep an eye out for those!

Straw Bucket Hats

Speaking of lightweight and breathability, straw bucket hats come to mind. Known for being exceptionally light and breathable, the 360º coverage these hats provide will easily keep your head cool.

As the epitome of being a fisherman, this hat will complete your outfit perfectly. So, make sure to get yourself a straw bucket hat and bonus points if you get one with your favorite brand of beer on it!

Get the Right Fishing Tops

The next thing you should be thinking about when it comes to your fishing outfit is fishing tops. In the tropics, it’s vital to keep not only your torso protected, but your arms as well.

Since you’ll be facing random rain showers and fluctuating heat all day, it’s vital to pack a rain jacket in your bag with moisture-wicking and quick-drying fabrics at your disposal.

There are many styles you can choose from. Here’s our top list:

Button Downs

Known for hosting a combination of the best characteristics a fishing top should have, button-down shirts are well known amongst the fishing culture. With collars that can be folded up to protect the nape of your neck and air vents under the arms and back, offering maximum breathability, these shirts are tremendously durable as well.

The only drawback is that button-down shirts can be expensive, but the materials and durability easily make up for them. A good shirt can last for over 5 years!

Fishing Jerseys

More on the reasonably priced side, fishing jerseys have been the rage for the last few years.

Made with quick-drying fabric, they are stain-resistant and perfect for those who love to customize their outfits. You can customize the printed designs and choose any color to your liking.

Considered to be exceptionally comfortable, easy to wash, cool, fishing jerseys are also exceedingly durable too. That’s not all, you also have the option to add mesh panels, collars, and vents to protect your nape and improve breathability!

Long-Sleeved T-Shirts

Another classic fishing top you can get for yourself is the basic long-sleeved t-shirt. Also made with quick-drying fabrics like the jerseys, they help your arms and torso be perfectly protected from the harsh sun.

The best part is that there are tackle shops that usually give them out as gifts to their customers. So, chances are you might get one even without planning to.

For customizing enthusiasts, these t-shirts can also be customized as well. Whatever design and color you want, you can print! Also, check out Funny Fishing Shirts to find some hilarious gear to make your fishing friends laugh!

Essential Bottoms for Fishing

Since we’re diving deep into the world of fishing outfits, now it’s time to talk about protecting the lower part of your body – your bottoms.

Here are two types of shorts you can choose from to help complete your outfit:

Board Shorts

If there ever was a pair of shorts more suitable for fishing, board shorts will always sweep in to take the first place. Known to be the best fishing shorts out there, board shorts are stretchy, comfortable, quick-drying, and exceedingly lightweight. It’s possible you might even forget you’re wearing them.

While they don’t promise to protect you below your knees, they do make it up with comfort. If you are going on a long-range expedition, 3 pairs of board shorts will be more than enough. They are also super easy to wash and dry!

Long Fishing Pants

For those who want to fully protect their legs, long fishing pants are the perfect pants. Lightweight, comfortable, and cool, these pants are ideal and have plenty of pockets to help keep things close to you.

There are fishing brands that have included the option to zip off at the knees. This is particularly awesome when the heat is blazing down on you and you want to cover yourself or vice versa when you want to cool yourself. However, the only downside to these zippers is that they can get corroded after time if met with saltwater. So, you have to wash them right away in order to avoid that!

Fishing Footwear

Finally, for the last part of our guide, we’ll be ending with what footwear is best for tropical fishing. This is crucial as getting yourself injured by stepping on a misplaced hook can be quite painful and cut your trip short.

Shoes with non-marking rubber soles are most ideal because they provide great grip on wet surfaces. You’ll save yourself from slipping and sliding while also protecting your skin from the sun.

You’ll find various brands that make amazing water shoes. However, you’ll also have to think about comfort as well. Always try out the shoes if possible before you actually buy them. Safety and grip are nothing if you feel uncomfortable wearing the shoes.

You can even wear sneakers too, as long as they provide a good enough grip. The key is to eliminate any possibility of accidents, freeing you up to focus more on your fishing!

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, we’d like to say that the next time you’re buying new outfits for fishing, there are a few words you’ll need to get used to seeing – lightweight, breathable, moisture-wicking, quick-dry, and blood resistant.

We hope our guide helps you to find the fit that’s not only suitable for you but for tropical fishing as well. Do your research well, keep yourself protected, and remember to have lots of fun on your trip!

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