Top 5 Casinos in Missoula, Montana

5 Best Casinos Where You Can Gamble in Missoula

Situated in Western Montana, Missoula is a scenic getaway for casino players in the US. Known as the Garden City, Missoula is host to a range of top casinos that are revealed right here in this article. As a bonus, the article will also discuss Ignition Casino as an online prospect for any readers who are unable to currently visit Missoula.

Silvertip Casino

There is no shortage of things to do in Missoula, with River City brimming with opportunities to sample fine dining, attractions, arts and culture, shopping, and nightlife, including a stable of superbly run casinos. The first to feature on the list is the Silvertip Casino, nestled in the city’s South Hills.

The site comprises a casino lounge along with a card room where the more serious competitors gather to play against one another in Texas hold ‘em tournaments. The Silvertip also maintains a collection of 20 slot machines that can be played around the clock. When seeking refreshments, visitors can watch six big-screen TVs while sampling food and drinks from the on-site restaurant.

Flipper’s Casino & Tavern

A more intimate alternative is for visitors to swing by Flipper’s Casino & Tavern. After navigating the turmoil of the pandemic, Flipper’s has reopened to provide visitors with a delicious selection of burgers and beers. For anyone interested in Flippers, the casino and tavern are scheduled to open seven days of the week.

After coming by the site, it will be possible to pay to play in the latest poker tournament. For added diversity, Flipper’s has also made it possible to play bingo and keno games. Unfortunately, anyone looking for blackjack or roulette will need to check out an alternative location.

Table Games at Ignition Casino

Speaking of blackjack and roulette, Ignition Casino can provide both types of table games online and is recommended by, which is known for publishing unbiased reviews on the most promising brands in the market. With sites like Ignition Casino, players can choose to play games on-demand, as they are provided online, whereas physical casinos need to work to strict schedules.

Ignition Casino makes an engaging case for new players to register. This takes the form of a 100% welcome bonus that carries the potential to deliver up to $1,000 worth of credit. When the initial bonus funds have been used, a player can then attempt to invite friends to register. Impressively, each referral can potentially yield up to $100 in bonus funds.

With a funded account, a new player has the power of choosing the live or non-live casino suites. By not playing live, there is less of a strain on internet data and the user can play games like Vegas Strip Blackjack Gold and Zoom Roulette whenever they like. For those with data to burn, the live casino is a wildly immersive experience that offers the closest likeness to the real thing.

Graywolf Peak Casino. Just 20 minutes from Missoula.

Gray Wolf Peak Casino

The Gray Wolf Peak Casino is one of the largest in Missoula and providers visitors with the option of attending entertainment events and dining within the on-site restaurant. Anyone visiting Gray Wolf Peak will be given the ability to consult the latest health and safety protocols online.

Gray Wolf Peak operates at an impressive scale where the casino operates more than 300 casino games. When sampling the slot machines, a gamer will have the option of starting with the penny slots before graduating to the larger-scale games that can deliver sizeable progressive jackpot winnings. According to the data, an average jackpot can be worth $2,359 while the largest recorded has been $235,688.

Before arriving, a user can sign up for the Player’s Club and then receive access to special promotions. Aside from playing free on slot machines, the offers can provide gifts and more generous room rates. From a functional standpoint, the Player’s Club is designed to award $1.00 for every 500 points that are generated. Match Play Vouchers can also be earned and will provide free playing time.

Oxford Casino

Situated on N Higgins Ave, Oxford Casino is known locally as “The Ox” and provides a charming façade that wouldn’t look out of place in the Old West. For anyone living in Missoula, The Ox is a solid choice when seeking a 24-hour location that opens every day of the week. The dress code is casual and visitors must be aged 21 years or older if they want to enter and start playing.

Oxford Casino has been outfitted with a stable of slot machines that provide a consistent draw to compliment a schedule of poker tournaments. Each table can accommodate up to nine players and there is a game running from Monday to Sunday. Aside from the ever-popular Texas hold’em, visitors can also play three-low draw, five-card stud, and seven-card stud. When stepping away from the table, you can have the option of dining on tasty meals that include steaks, burgers, and sandwiches.

Montana’s Best Casinos

The Montana’s Best Casinos entity is designed to promote an array of smaller casino and gaming facilities in the state. As for Missoula, two of the relevant outfits are Montana Lil’s Casino and Magic Diamond Casino. The gaming machines are electronic rather than operated by human dealers and consist of titles such as Bonus Poker, Cabaret Keno, Big Big Pays, Deuces Wild, Lil’s Frontier Bonus, Da Vinci Ways, Pick Your Pleasure, and Mystical Forest.

To make the most of wagering on games, a user can register for an account with Real Rewards. When visiting any of the sites in Montana’s Best Casinos’ network, the user can accumulate points and rewards by wagering with real money. Later, they will be given the ability to track their current rewards via Real Rewards’ online platform, which is compatible on Safari, Chrome, or Firefox.