9 Tips for Finding the Right Lawyer for You

So, you need a lawyer. There are many reasons why you might want a lawyer. Some of them could include:

  • Medical malpractice
  • An accident on the road
  • An injury sustained at work
  • An industrial accident
  • A criminal offense has taken place and you are involved.

When you are searching for a lawyer, whatever the reason is, it is important that you find the right one for you. This article will outline nine expert tips for finding the right lawyer:


Experience is very important. While interns and graduates might know a lot theoretically, their practical knowledge will surely be lacking. You can usually find out how experienced your prospective lawyer is by visiting their website and reading testimonials. You can also research them. The internet contains a lot of information on legal cases. If your lawyer has a high win-to-lose ratio, then you will definitely be able to find information about it online. Your lawyer’s experience and knowledge will determine the outcome of your case.


Your lawyer has to be professional and must conduct themselves well. You do not want a lawyer who cuts corners and who lies. They should not rush your case, either. Your case should run its course naturally and should not be forced. If your lawyer promises to have your case over and done with within a matter of weeks, you might want to avoid them.


Your lawyer should be as passionate about you winning your case as you are. Not only should they be passionate, but according to the legal specialists from Geiger Legal Group, LLC, they should want to serve you. If your lawyer is disinterested, then this might carry over into how they handle your case. Conversely, if they are passionate, then this will carry over into your case.


You can learn a lot about a law firm from testimonials and reviews. With that said, you should browse reviews sceptically. Businesses have been known to falsify reviews to draw in customers. Take every single review at face value. You should also ask about and ask friends or family if they have any personal recommendations.

Don’t Rely On Recommendations

You shouldn’t always rely on a recommendation, however. Maybe your friend has a friend who is trying to make a name for themselves as a lawyer? Don’t just blindly hire a lawyer because somebody you know recommends them to you. Do your own due diligence and research them. Find out whether or not they can be trusted, find out if they are passionate and most important of all, find out if they are experienced.

Look Elsewhere

A lot of people, when searching for a lawyer, look immediately around where they live or in their town. You might need to look elsewhere to find the right lawyer for you. It might be a headache commuting into the perfect firm’s office, but if they are better than any firms in your town, then you should choose them. With that said, during the pandemic, a lot of legal consultations have been taking place online. You might not even need to travel and might be able to speak to them on Zoom or on Skype. Don’t just resign yourself to firms close to you.


Communication is key to your case’s success. If your lawyer has issues with getting back to you, communicating, or answering your phone calls, then don’t hesitate to fire them and find a new lawyer. Communication is very important and mustn’t be overlooked. If during the stages when you are interviewing a lawyer, then exhibit poor communication, then you might want to look elsewhere. Your lawyer should answer your calls and respond to you quickly. You cannot, of course, expect them to answer all of the time, but they should at the very least get back to you the same day or the next day.

Financial Plans

We are all living in incredibly uncertain times. The COVID-19 pandemic has left millions unemployed, possibly including you. If you don’t have a guaranteed income, then you might want to find a lawyer who offers financial plans. You might also be able to find a lawyer who offers their services on legal aid.


Ultimately, deciding on a lawyer will come down to your instinct. Take our points into consideration. Your lawyer will shape the outcome of your case. If you choose poorly, then you could lose. If your instinct is telling you to avoid a lawyer, then you probably should. Similarly, if you instinctively feel a lawyer is a good match, consider hiring them.

Finding a lawyer to represent you isn’t easy. With this article, it is now! Everything here should be factored into your final decision. Do not rush finding a lawyer, either.