Why Inverness Should Be Included In Your Must-Visit List

Often referred to as the gateway to the Scottish Highlands, Inverness remains a charming city worth visiting. It’s located among mountains and the ocean. This small city offers undeniably more than its size. From the sumptuous delicacies to the friendly locals, there are many reasons why you should add this destination to your must-visit list. 

We shall continue to tell you why you must include the city in your bucket list. 

1. Are you a Food Lover? 

With an exhibition of new local delicacies and talented chefs, you can be sure that your stay in this fantastic city will be filled with mouth-watering dishes. The fact that you don’t need to visit high-end restaurants to have a taste of the delicacies makes the trip even more exciting. Even the less formal joints have all that it takes to leave you yearning for more food. 

During your visit, you can ask the locals for exciting dishes you should sample. They are friendly and will eventually give you ideas on healthy dishes to try. 

2. Perfect for Family Travel

Traveling with kids can be overwhelming for first-timers. You don’t want your little ones to get tired while at the same time you want them to enjoy the trip to the fullest. Well, the good thing about Inverness is that, despite being on the edge of the wilderness, it’s easily accessible. It’s just a short distance and direct flight from London. 

Being an ideal family getaway, Inverness boasts of excellent hotels and lodgings for your accommodation. If you check the offers at Inverness Palace Hotel and Spa, you can tell that the city is quite affordable in terms of accommodation. All that is needed of you is to book your stay in advance to prevent last-minute surprises. The town can get busy, and you don’t want to get accommodation in a place far away that will cost you more to get to your destinations. 

3. Do you love Scotch and Whiskeys? 

Over time, this place has famously been known for whiskies. If you are a whisky fanatic, therefore, this is the place to quench your thirst. 

Although famous for whiskies, it’s important to note that there is a wide variety of Scottish gins, craft beers, and locally brewed juices that you can try. During your trip, be sure to have a taste of the Orkney Brewery lagers as it’s popular. 

Although you may want to create memorable experiences during your trip, only take the alcohol content your body can handle. 

4. Friendly Locals

Among the many benefits that come with traveling is relaxation. Inverness is deemed an ideal location to wind up. As many would say, there is happiness everywhere.

There is nothing as exciting as visiting a place and finding locals who are happy with their hometown. The local people here are glad to welcome visitors and treat them as friends. With their welcoming nature, it becomes easy to get along and understand the city in detail. 

While there, be sure to make a friend or two. You never know. Inverness may become your new home. 

5. It has Sizzling Seasons

Planning for a trip can be overwhelming. There are a lot of factors that have to be considered, among them the weather patterns.

When it comes to visiting Inverness, it doesn’t matter what season you visit. The Highlands scenery will give you incredible shades and views, one reason you must visit this city.  

Everything here seems to be overflowing with new life during the spring breaks while the summer season turns the hills purple. Winter is when the mountains get covered, while the fall brings the gold and red of the leaves. 

6. Nourishing Nature

Do you love nature? Do you find wildlife exciting? The fantastic thing about visiting Inverness is that you can have all this, and much more without setting a foot outside the city. 

The expansive, unique views and seascapes give a fulfilling experience that will leave you wanting more after your trip is over. The famous River Ness and the Caledonian river offer an outstanding nature-watching experience not worth missing.

7. Incredible Castles

Everyone, especially children, loves castles. 

Perched on the shore of Loch Ness, Urquhart Castle is a unique and famous castle you shouldn’t hesitate to take a photo near. You will be blown away by how the castle is beautifully located. 

There are also other castles around Inverness you should consider visiting, and they include;

  • Ballindalloch Castle
  • Fort George
  • Castle Stuart
  • Cawdor Castle
  • Ardverikie Estate
  • Dunrobin Castle
  • Cawdor Castle

Visiting Inverness is a dream come true for many individuals. The city is blessed with plenty of attractions worth your attention. By reading through this piece, you will have a deeper understanding of why you must give this city a priority. Enjoy your travel!