Top 7 Hacks To Make Family Road Trips More Fun

Planning a road trip? Awesome! There isn’t anything quite like being on the open road, windows down, hair blowing in the breeze, music blasting, not a care in the world. Ah, good times. If that trip is going to be an especially long one, it can easily become cramped, boring, and just flat-out unadventurous. Traveling with an entire family is no small feat, especially if you’re taking along toddlers or teenagers!

Whether your road leads to nowhere in particular or somewhere very special, your travels need not be uninspired or fall flat. There are many ways to ensure that everyone, from the youngest to the oldest has an amazing time worth raving about. 

Ensure Your Vehicle Is Ready

Be sure to fill up the tank the day before. Avoid unnecessary fuel stops that could take away from the vibe of the drive. Have it service checked. Make sure the brakes are working, headlights are both functioning, AC is running smoothly. You don’t want a breakdown on the side of the road. This will not win you points.

If your vehicle is not up to the task or simply not spacious enough, take time to browse through an extensive range of motorhomes that are maintained to top safety standards and follow all Covid conscious protocols. Be confident that there are no hidden fees to blindside you. Concerned about where to leave your car? No worries, that get stored for you free of charge. 

Get Good Music Together

What goes better with the expanse of the open road than great music? If you don’t already, find out the musical preferences of all those coming on the trip, who can give their opinion. Take turns playing different genres of music keeping everyone happy. Singing is definitely better than yelling or crying or silence.

Don’t forget Snacks!

Yum, yes, snacks. This is a must. Be sure to pack a variety of munchables. Props if you bring along snacks that neither get too messy nor are too unhealthy. If you can prepare them yourself, double props. Make smart choices that won’t result in a super amped-up child or provoke a dissolution into a tantrum. Happy children, happy you.

Don’t Forget The Games

This more so if you have young ones who will be along for the ride. Keep them occupied with different games and activities. Simon says is always a hit. Coloring books can prove to be a helpful distraction. Games can also be a great way to get them involved in their environment or encourage them to use their imagination. For teenagers, make sure that no cell phone, laptop, or tablet chargers are left behind. This may be a matter of life and death.

Give The Kids Control

What? That may sound like a bad plan but it isn’t. Imagine how much fun little ones or not so little ones would have if you gave them the freedom to choose which turn you take next or which stop will be next. This is a great way to keep them excited and engaged. You can take it a step further if they’re old enough and have them attempt to read the GPS or map and give you directions. Now, of course, don’t try this in an area completely foreign to you. The goal is to have fun, not to get lost. 


If you happen to see something or somewhere that looks interesting, stop! Get out of the vehicle and explore. Wasn’t it on your pre-decided list of stops? Who cares? The more spontaneous the trip the greater the appreciation. The more you can let loose, the more your family will be responsive.

No Fussing

Let children be children. Do they want to kick off shoes? Let them do that. Too hot, time to slip off a shirt? That’s ok too. Don’t get wrapped up in trivialities. The more comfortable they are, the more relaxed they will be and open to enjoying the trip. Don’t be surprised if some snoozing results. They will be back up in no time ready to bounce around like no tomorrow.

It is very easy to set yourself up for a successful road trip. The ideas don’t have to be anything crazy or out of the box. The organization goes only so far, letting go and going with the flow takes you the rest of the way. Your kids will love it, your teenagers will thank you, your spouse will be awed by your abilities. You are free to claim all of these ideas as originally yours, no one needs to know otherwise. 

May you enjoy your family road trip and plan many more in the future!