Planning To Move To Montana? Here Are The Top Cities To Choose From

If you were ever considering moving to Montana, we’ve got you covered. Here are some of the top cities in Montana to choose from. Spoiler alert – they are all fully immersed in nature.


Helena is Montana’s capital city which was born as a result of a gold strike way back in the 19th century. Prosperity was brought to the area during the Last Chance Gulch which has made many people wealthy and thus made it able for Helena to prosper. It was originally a set of mining camps around the gulch, but the city quickly became the capital only 9 years later. Nowadays, much of Helena’s history of gold rushes are present throughout the city’s historic heart. History is not the only reason why many visitors become residents, in fact, it’s the unforgettable nature it’s immersed in.


Going to the southeast of Montana, we have Billings, the most populous city in the state. Billings has a plethora of big-city amenities, like ever-growing breweries, music venues, high-end restaurants, and many more. In addition to big city living, it offers so much nature in contrast as well as a wide range of things to do outdoors. Kayaking is very popular along the Yellowstone River and hiking since the famous Rimrocks are nearby. As the creators of Montana Real Estate claim, Billings is, like almost every city in Montana, surrounded by impeccable nature. This is what has generally made Montana a very popular state for many people to call their homes.


Bozeman is situated in the southern part of Montana, near the gorgeous Bridger Mountains. The reason why we’ve mentioned Bozeman as one of the top cities in Montana to move to is that it’s the most popular place in Montana for young professionals and students. In addition to this, the city of Bozeman has a vibrant art scene, offering several art galleries and cultural centers throughout the city, as well as plenty of year-round festivals and concerts. Bozeman is also home to Montana State University, as well as several impeccable public schools.

Great Falls

Great Falls is located on the Missouri River in the central part of Montana, and many locals argue it offers the most authentic Montana experience. It’s the largest city in the state, with nearly 60,000 residents, but despite its size, it makes up for an extremely friendly community. This is what makes Great Fall fall under top city choices if you’re considering moving to Montana. Great Falls’ infrastructure has been carefully thought of and it offers many paved pedestrian paths along the Missouri River. And of course, it offers notable natural spots on the River’s Edge Trails, the most famous ones being Giant Springs State Park and Gibson Park.

Montana is certainly a unique state in its beauty that comes from the almost untouched nature surrounding it. The cities offer plenty of universities, public schools, and a big-city based way of life, while also having the utmost relaxation in nature just a shot away.