How To Find The Most Durable And Cost-Efficient Martial Arts Gear

If you’re a fan of martial arts and considering taking classes you might be thinking of where you can get your gear. Of course, it has to be durable and if you’re just starting out you want something that is cost-efficient. The question is where do you go or how do you find it? Well, there are places that the vets are well aware of. The easiest method is to ask your instructor or classmates. If you haven’t started yet and are trying to calculate cost there are other methods to help you find this information. You may also be the type of person that needs to see and feel your items before you buy. Whatever the reason, here is a small guide to help you find durable but cheap martial arts gear. 

How To Find Durable and Cost Efficient Gear

Using only sources can be the best place to start your search for the perfect gear. A great source is, as these guys are really seriously dedicated to all things martial arts. However, there are a number of other sites and platforms that you can use, as well. The best thing is to get started researching. You can get so caught up in what you don’t know that you become overwhelmed before you get the information you need and end up making a hasty decision or trigger purchase. 

1. By Brand

One way that you can find durable but cost-efficient gear is to shop by the brand. This one is pretty straightforward. Higher end brands will of course cost more. This is not to say that they are the best options but the reputation of the brand will make the gear that they make more costly. Your best bet is to find the more reasonable brands and shop from there. You’ll get great quality and your wallet won’t feel the pressure as heavy. 

2. By Style

The other thing to look into is the style. A lot of times the style you choose can influence the cost of the items. Gear made for a special collection, design, or one that has special features will be more expensive. In the beginning, you really don’t need these types of gear. What you need are things that will work and that you can depend on. The fancy more personalized things can come when you’re more seasoned in martial arts. 

3. By Recommendations and Reviews

Probably the best way is to look into recommendations and reviews from those in your class, your teacher, and the online community. You can find reviews on almost anything online. Type in your specifications and see what you find. You will definitely find what you’re looking for. You may even get suggestions for things you hadn’t previously considered. Also what you think you need may not be that necessary at your stage and so can wait to save you money for the time being. 

4. By Personal Choice

One way to find durable and cost-efficient gear is to think about your personal preference. Sometimes our preferences stop us from finding suitable options. Again make sure that you’re not going for the specialty items because of the look and truly consider your needs. You’ll be more open to other options that fit well with what you’re looking for. 

5. By Material

Something many newbies don’t think or know about is the material or your Gii. Depending on the material and type of weave of the Gii you choose you can find yourself spending a small fortune (not really but it can sometimes get really pricey). Make sure you know the material and make of your Gii before you buy. You might be looking at something that is a specialty item when a more traditional one will do. 

Now that you’ve set on your course of learning martial arts you’ll definitely need gear that will last you. Do your research and ask questions where possible, because the more you know, the better. You want to do this before you make big purchases, especially if you are on a tight budget. It’ll be a bit annoying to realize you could have bought the same thing for less or gotten something similar that is less expensive but is comparable to the item you purchased. Your gear is something that you should take care of and treasure as a martial artist. Make sure that you invest in items that will serve you well but you should also take care of them well.