Fantastic Places You Should Visit If You Love Horror And Scary Vibes

Some in the world stay far from anything scary. No horror movies, no edgy rides or museums. Nothing that may unsettle their spirit. On the other hand, many people like an occasional thrill such that a walk through Madame Tussauds would satisfy. And to the far end of the spectrum are those who live for the horror and the fright. If you belong to this last group, keep reading for a look into the most terrifying places around the world.

Helltown, Ohio

Ohio is not explicitly known for any scary attribute. As the home of the rock and roll hall of fame and pro football hall of fame, the Buckeye state comes across as rather cool. However, the mystery is shrouded around the state’s very own ghost town. So what really is the story behind Helltown in Ohio that makes it creepy? Well, it was a residential area that was cleared out by the government for conversion to a national park. Inhabitants were pushed out of their homes leaving the empty shells of once happy dwellings. 

From whispers of a satanic church where unspeakable rituals are performed to the abandoned cemetery and slaughterhouse, this township in Boston, Ohio draws much curiosity. You are free to visit if you dare, but take extra precautions to stay within the limits of the park.

Hoia-Baciu Forest, Romania

Just the mention of Romania is enough to randomly draw up some thought of the supernatural. Staking claim as having the world’s most haunted forest just adds to the fire. Called the Bermuda Triangle of Transylvania, it continues to deliver on paranormal activity. Many people who visit recount feelings of intense anxiety, and unexplained nausea. Reports of persons disappearing from the area are usual as alien activity is not discounted there. UFO sightings, ghostly apparitions, and strange malfunctions of electronics call to scare seekers like a moth to a flame. 

Château De Brissac, France

Known as the home of the Lady in Green, this place is particularly unsettling. History records her as having been Charlotte de Breze, a daughter of King Charles the seventh. In the fifteenth century, she was married off to a nobleman whom she did not love. This thus led her to carry on an affair with another man. Subsequently caught by her husband, he murders them both in a fit of rage. He has driven out of the chateau not very long after because the moans of his now-dead wife and her lover would not leave him be! 

Today, however, only Charlotte remains, wandering around. Her appearance, while now expected by the castle’s new residents, continues to deeply frighten many visitors. You have been warned. 

La Recoleta Cemetery, Argentina

Cemeteries have never needed any help being scary. The sight of graves, tombs, and hundreds of statues might be enough to encourage many to stay away. But if you can get past the city of the dead reality, it can be otherworldly beautiful. You would expect that the land should be teeming with ghosts, but just one captures the interest of many worldwide. 

David Alleno was a dedicated grave digger and was so enthralled with the elaborate mausoleums, tombs, and statues erected of the dead, that he hired a sculptor to make his own likeness. Upon completion of his statue, Allen promptly went home and committed suicide. Seems his love for the cemetery remained after death as to this day persons can still hear the jangling of his keys as he passes by. Hair-raising. 

The Tower Of London

Here’s to another ancient building which to this day, according to many accounts, is home to various ghosts. Two little boys in white shirts are normally seen playing in the halls. They abruptly disappeared in the fifteenth century and their remains were discovered buried under the stairs two centuries later. Strong hints of murder arose. Then you have the beheaded ghost of Anne Boleyn who traipses around unbothered. The sadder specter of Lady Jane Gray is frequently seen from the tower’s windows, sulking. 

If phantoms and evil spirits don’t bother you but excite you, then book your trip forthwith for this enjoyable experience.

Sure, some ghost stories are purely fictional, for entertainment purposes only. But when you are confronted with similar stories of apparitions and strange contact happening to hundreds and thousands of different people, you take notice of this as something quite potentially real. Pack your cameras and your guts and get ready for an unbelievable encounter you won’t soon forget. Be cautious though, as not all interactions with spirits are pleasant.