Essential Things That Every Cat And Dog Owner Should Have

It’s your responsibility as the pet parent to make the newest member in your family as comfortable as possible. This means shopping for key essentials that will smoothen the transition of your dog or cat to its new home. 

In addition to making your pet cozy, some of these items will simplify your life as the pet’s owner by facilitating activities like walking your pet, monitoring their wellbeing, keeping track of their whereabouts, etc.

Below is a quick review of 10 essentials that every dog and cat owner needs:

1. Identification Tags

Unless you want to spend days combing through the neighborhood and handing out stickers of your missing pet, make sure your dog has an ID tag. 

Identification tags are crucial even in cases where the dog already has a chip. Anyone coming across your hound will know that it has a home, name, and contact person. This is more efficient than having to rely on a GPS tracking system alone.

ID tags can also help you recover your pet even when you don’t know they are missing. For instance, when you leave your pet at home and go to work or school, your curious pup can wander off and get lost. The tag will make it easier for anyone who finds the dog to contact you.

What information should a pet ID tag contain? The tag should have the name of the pet and your contact details. You can put a phone number and address on the label.

When shopping for an ID tag, make sure you get a high-quality one that’s both durable and comfortable for your pet.

2. Leash And Harness

The importance of a dog leash cannot be overstated. In addition to serving the basic purpose of walking your dog, a leash can be the lifeline of your pet. It helps you control the pet keeping them safe from traffic and other untrained animals.

What factors should you consider when buying a leash? Pay attention to the material used. Get something that is strong and comfortable. Something else to consider is the length or type of leash. Experts recommend a leash with two handles that let you control the dog from two different lengths, i.e., up close and at a distance. 

A harness gives your dog comfort by reducing straining at the back and neck. It distributes pressure more evenly. Harnesses are especially important for dogs that tend to pull leashes more frequently.

3. First Aid Kit For Pets

If you have a playful dog, then you know they’re at a higher risk of getting injured. Having a first aid kit at home can buy your dog critical time before you reach the vet’s office. It also helps you save money on unnecessary trips to the clinic.

What should a pet first aid kit contain? Your kit should have items like tweezers, first-aid tape, cotton swabs and balls, a thermometer, eyewash, a splint, etc. 

You should also find a good place to store the medical records of your pet. This could be in the first aid kit or anywhere else that’s easily accessible.

4. Pet Wipes

Paw or coat wipes are very effective for removing dirt and pathogens from your pet. They are useful for cleaning the pet’s paws when they’re coming from the backyard or a walk around the neighborhood.

One of the several advantages of pet wipes is they are formulated with friendly compounds. Therefore, they’ll eliminate the dirt and bacteria without inducing allergic reactions. In fact, some wipes are specially formulated for highly sensitive pets.

5. Food Bowls

Everyone understands the necessity of food and water bowls, but very few people recognize the importance of investing in the correct bowls. For starters, plastic vessels are highly discouraged since they can be a breeding ground for harmful bacteria. Vets recommended stainless steel alternatives as they are healthier and easier to maintain.

Elevated food and water bowls are also highly recommended. They improve the eating experience of your pet by reducing the distance between the bowl and the desired chewing and swallowing position. This reduces food and water spills.

6. Pet Toys

Contrary to popular beliefs, toys are not a luxury but a necessity for your puppy. They kill boredom and boost your pet’s mental health and overall wellbeing. Some reports even show that toys prevent dogs and cats from developing bad traits.

There are plenty of toys out there, but not all of them are right for your pet. Check your dog or cat’s size, environment, and traits, and find the appropriate toy that’s both fun and safe. You can consult the pet shelter for a detailed breakdown of the toys that your specific pet needs.

7. Treats

Treats will make training your dog feel effortless. They are also very good health-wise giving your dog proteins and other nutrients. Some of them are formulated to improve the pet’s oral health.

Pet parents are discouraged from buying treats containing lots of sugars, preservatives, and coloring. 

8. Carrier Slings

Carrier slings are a valuable asset if you have a small dog breed. They provide sufficient space to carry your tiny pooch wherever you go.

What factors should you consider when purchasing a carrier bag? The best dog carrier slings are made of comfortable and durable materials, adjustable straps, and comfort pads. A collar clip is also essential in keeping the dog in place. 

9. Grooming Supplies

A clean and healthy puppy is a happy puppy.  This means you need to invest in quality grooming supplies like dog shampoo and conditioners, nail clippers, stain and odor remover, fur brush, etc. 

Potty pads and litter boxes also fall under this category.

10. A Pet Bed Or Furniture

Does your pet need its own bed? Yes, it does. Getting your dog a cozy bed is beneficial in various ways. First, it’s healthier when they sleep on a dedicated bed than on the floor and other uncontrolled spots where your dog may be exposed to bacteria. Second, giving your hound its own space means it won’t intrude into your furniture and bed. Therefore, you will safeguard your expensive furniture from the pet’s scratchy claws, fur, and possible odors.

Pet beds are especially important for bigger dogs since they are usually at a higher risk of developing bone issues.

The beauty of pet accessories is there are so many of them across different price points. This means you can get decent supplies for your new best friend even if you have a limited budget.