Best 6 Family-Friendly Activities For Your Yosemite Getaway

Traveling with the entire fam to none other than the legendary Yosemite? We’ve collated another set of activities every one of any age can enjoy, while basking in the beauty of that which is the National Park itself, in all of its glory. 

Fun Family Activities In Yosemite

1. Wildlife Watching And Greeting (From A Distance) 

In a separate post, we noted how several of Yosemite’s must-sees have to do with viewing the three-part Yosemite Falls, climbing El Capitan and Half Dome, and cruising through the waters of the Merced. But did you know that Yosemite is home to a diverse variety of wildlife? 

Wild-life watching. You can most definitely add this to your list of activities in the park. Besides black bears that will, every now and then, peak through shrubs and trees as you trail along, you’ll find a smorgasbord (400+ to be specific) of others. These include, but are certainly not limited to, the Sierra Nevada bighorn sheep, birds (all 262 species!), mule deer, coyote, and more. 

Your Yosemite Park wildlife tour guides will give you guidelines regarding moving within the vicinity of said creatures. 

2. A Ranger-Led Tour 

As a continuation to the statement above, sign up for a ranger-led tour. It’s the most practical approach to learning about the park’s many regions, be it bodies of water, geologic wonders, hills and mountains, valleys, wildlife, etc. 

It’s a great yet safe way to walk through trail-after-trail according to their expert instructions. Perfect if you’ll be with little kids who may not be up for the tougher routes within the park. 

And if you’ve got a few days extra to spare, you can trek the major parts of the park through a scheduled 3-day tour. 

3. The Half Dome Village Natural Ice Skating Rink 

When dropping by Yosemite in winter and making reservations for Yosemite Cabins, head over to Half Dome. The valley freezes over enough to provide visitors with an ice skating rink a la Mother Nature. On top of that, snow-covered peaks await you for skiing and snowshoeing. 

4. Gather ‘Round The Campfire 

There are designated spots for setting up camp and for affixing campfires (by the way, do follow instructions regarding these both for your safety and for the preservation of the national park as a whole). For number 4, have a gather-round-the-campfire moment from afternoon until evening. 

In case you want cosier accommodations, you can book with Twain Harte Cabin Rentals as you catch some overnight Zs. But right before then, relish your campfire-gathering with the fam. 

5. A Trip In Time At The Pioneer Yosemite History Center 

Here is a history centre that is distinct in how its collections of artefacts aren’t confined to paintings and sculptures. We’re talking about true-to-life walkways of historic buildings that are being preserved for public viewing and study. 

Be careful not to tamper with the works of art inside each building. Moving forward, if you time your visit in summer, you might be able to step into them and have a look around! The buildings are closed in colder seasons to protect the artefacts within from deteriorating due to drastic weathering changes. 

Still and all, during the same warm season, carriage rides are often available to visitors, too.