7 Things You Can Use to Make an Aromatherapy Candle

Candles can be used to brighten up your day, create a sensual mood, relax you, and prepare your mind for meditation and healing. This comes from their aromatic properties. Candles are made with some form of aromatic whether through fresh ingredients, oils, or dried preserved plants. Candles are a great way to diffuse your home with the scents you love. Aromatherapy can help to heighten and awaken the senses. Humans are undoubtedly drawn to scents that bring back memory and oftentimes candles do that for us. They take us to a time and place that holds memories for us. 

Things You Can Use To Make A Candle

Most will instantly think of aromatherapy oils. It might surprise you with the things that you can use to make an aromatherapy candle. While oils are among the best choices there are other ingredients that can also give your candle a boost. 

1. Coffee

If you enjoy making candles then you’ll love the trick of using coffee grounds in your candles. They smell soo much better than the oils that try to give the same smell. They liven up any space and can help you feel more away. If you’re doing a layered candle then using the coffee grounds can give it a beautiful look. You might mistake it for a cup of coffee with cream. You can also add in some sweet smells like caramel or pumpkin and vanilla to capture the smell of your favorite holiday treats. 

2. Kratom Oil or Powder

A newer option on the market is using Kratom oil or powder. It is believed that there are healing benefits to be found in the plant. Using these Kratom products can enhance the aromatherapy benefits of your candle. It is said to be relaxing and can help to alleviate pain through smell. At the very least the smell of it can encourage your mind and body to relax, helping you to release stress and tension from your body. It can also help encourage and promote deep sleep. 

3. Dried Flowers

Dried flowers are a great ingredient to use in your aromatherapy candles. They are easy to store and handle. They also add something special to the look of your candle. People will wonder how you got them to sit so prettily in your candle. As the candle burns down the heat will release the oils in the candle filling your space with a lovely floral aroma. These make great gifts and if you use them in your home you’ll be sure to have a fresh-smelling home that makes you feel like you’re in a garden somewhere. 

4. Aromatherapy Oils

The classic ingredient in aroma candles is oils. Essential oils or aromatherapy oils are concentrated versions of various plants. This can range from orange to lavender to mint to eucalyptus. The concentrated oils are used in products and in diffusers and candles in small amounts to give a potent but balanced hit of the fragrance. These are used a lot for healing purposes as well as for restorative measures. They can be expensive so it may be a good idea to start out with one or two of these at a time. 

5. Vanilla Beans

Who doesn’t love the smell of vanilla? Well if you’re a vanilla lover then here’s a tip for you. Take vanilla beans and use them in the same way on the coffee grounds. You can also soak the vanilla pods in oil to release the fragrance then you can mix this oil with your bees or soy wax. This will give you a more consistent hit of the vanilla smell. 

6. CBD Oil

CBD oil is another surprising ingredient you can use to make aromatherapy candles. CBD is still being researched in terms of its healing benefits. It is said that it can be used in the way of aromatherapy to bring about a state of relaxation. This is something that you can research and experiment with. CBD oil has been registered as safe to use all over the body, smell included. 

7. Tea Leaves

You can add your favorite tea to your candle as well. If you love the smell of your tea whether bag tea or loose leaf tea you can go ahead and add it in to get a candle that smells like your favorite pot of tea. 

There is a lot of fun in making your own aromatherapy candle. Even if you’re more than a beginner at it there are some items on this list that we’re sure you haven’t tried yet. Aromatherapy is one of the better-known natural healing methods available. While we don’t claim that it will cure or fix all of your problems, it can help to bring you to a place of peace, give you an energy boost, and overall improve your mood. Give some of these ingredients a try in your next candle batch, you may find yourself a new favorite.