7 Best Chrome Extensions For Amazon FBA

Selling on Amazon is a big deal, and doing the added product research, competitor analysis, sourcing, managing, advertising, all by yourself can get painful after a while. Also, if you don’t perform these tasks successfully, your business is going to fail. 

Google Chrome extensions are a must-have for every Amazon seller. It is that secret weapon for Amazon success. The insight and tools that these extensions provide, give you that extra edge over your competition saves you a ton of extra time, and increases productivity. 

While there are hundreds of amazing tools and extensions to choose from, in this list, we’ll go over the top 10 of my personal favorite.

  • Keepa 

We all know that competitive pricing is a crucial step to increase search rankings and buy box eligibility. Keepa is one of the best when it comes to Amazon FBA. It provides real-time pricing information and in-depth price history for every single product listed on Amazon. 

Keepa’s Amazon seller Chrome extension, will keep monitoring and storing your competitor prices, giving out alerts when the price drops. Keepa supports all 18 global marketplaces of Amazon. 

Keepa database is constantly refreshed and updated, it can also track daily deals and new offers. No sign-up is required, you can just download the extension and begin using it. 

However, one drawback is that the shipping costs are not tracked. So you’re gonna be on the hook for that. Apart from that, this plugin is an all-star, highly recommended for FBA Sellers. 

  • Helium 10 X-ray 

Helium 10 is an all-rounder, perfect Amazon tool for Amazon sellers. Ignoring it would be a big mistake. Whether you’re looking for product research, keyword finding, listing, tracking, marketplace analysis, supplier integration, Helium has the answer to it all. 

And the best part is, Helium 10 X-ray Google Chrome extension is absolutely free. You can pretty much do everything with this amazing extension. After downloading, you can then use the X-ray for sales estimation, competitor analysis, stock information, etc. 

The Cerebro [Keyword Research Tool] allows you to do effective keyword research and gives you suggestions based on your current market needs. Because honestly, choosing a bad or the wrong keyword is the worst thing you could do for your business. 

Additionally, the Helium 10 Chrome extension might be free, you will need to make an upgrade to use most of their premium tools. 

  • Jungle Scout Chrome Bar 

Jungle Scout is a heavy-hitter and weighs out every other extension from the list. A whopping 84.1% data accuracy is what makes it so distinct compared to other chrome plugins

This tool is capable of almost everything. Offering sales data, revenue calculator, order calculator, sales analytics, inventory management, listing building and optimization, etc. 

Their supplier integration with Alibaba is a golden plus. You can find hundreds of trusted and well-rated manufacturers and suppliers by just running an ASIN through the search box. 

Additionally, you can pair your account to the Jungle Scout mobile app for all-over access to your seller suite. 

Jungle Scout is not free, however, their 30-day money-back guarantee gives you access to a world-class leading data hub with no risks involved. 

  • Viral Launch Market Intelligence 

Viral Launch can help you find some of the most profitable products from the marketplace. It is specifically designed to find profitable niches and products. Giving its users an in-depth overview of the sales and revenue data of golden products. 

Additionally, it can help you understand a products trend history and yearly sales to help you make better-informed decisions. The in-built profit calculator makes it super easy to calculate your costs and profits. 

  • AMZscout 

Product research can get quite a bit boring. Especially if you’re doing it every day, which you need to do for a successful Amazon FBA business. The AMZscout chrome plugin makes it super easy and fun. 

You can just type in a simple product idea, and AMZ will crunch the numbers to give you all the relevant data including revenue reports, profit estimates, stock levels, competitor analysis, forecast, and much more. 

The best thing about this plugin is the advanced competitor seller information it provides. The competitor estimates will give you a much detailed overview and suggestions to which products to target, making it super easier for you to make your choices. 

  • Scope 

Scope is a very versatile product research tool. It mainly helps you by finding profitable products through keyword discovery. Finding sales-driving keywords is the core function of scope. 

Through which it performs a reverse ASIN check, finds the highest ranking keywords for a particular product, uses categories, ratings and reviews to narrow down your search results for a more targeted product hunt. 

It can also provide potential profits via calculating seller fees, charges and costs. Giving you estimates on the profitability of a certain product. 

  •  DS Amazon Quick View 

This is a perfect quick view add-on plugin. With this Seller extension, you can easily view the product information by just hovering over the product title. The overview snippet gives you the backend information listed below the product listing right on the Amazon search page. 

It can immensely help you make better-informed choices and you’ll end up with a much better quality product selection draft list. Will make the process more enjoyable and productive. 

The best part about this plugin is it’s absolutely free to use, and the free overview data will be good enough for you to make your selection lists, so no upgrading will be necessary. 

Note: Use Grammarly For Quality Content

While making better-optimized product listings is a must, having quality content is as important. And Grammarly is one of the best content tools there is. It is specifically designed for writing aid.

The free version of Grammarly offers basically everything you need for well-versed product content. While the paid version will give you access to all of their premium tools such as live plagiarism check, content familiarity, etc.