6 Things to Do if You Don’t Like the Way an E-Liquid Tastes

When you read reviews and online discussions about various e-liquids, there’s a phrase that you’re going to see quite often: Taste is subjective. People are always quick to say that when talking about e-liquids because there’s no such thing as an e-liquid that’s objectively good or bad. An e-liquid company would never give a particular flavor the green light unless someone within the company enjoyed it. At the same time, there’s no such thing as a flavor that vapers universally find appealing because different people want to get different things out of their vaping experiences.

So, if you happen to buy an e-liquid that doesn’t quite satisfy you in the taste department, you’re not alone because no vape juice is perfect for everyone. In this article, we’re going to provide a bit of practical advice that can help you solve that problem. Here are six things that you should try if you don’t like the way an e-liquid tastes.

Buy a Better E-Liquid

These days, many of the world’s vape juice makers have embraced automation and offer a product that’s extremely reliable and consistent from batch to batch. With that being said, there’s still a big difference between budget vape juice and platinum e liquid when it comes to things like flavor complexity and development times.

That’s not a knock against the lower-priced e-liquid brands. They serve an important role in the vaping industry. Their products are often extremely sweet, and sweet flavors can be perfect for introducing new vapers to what’s possible in the world of e-liquid. The premium e-liquid brands, however, often put a bit more time and effort into developing more complex and interesting flavor profiles, and you may find that those products are more to your liking.

Try Steeping the E-Liquid

Are you having trouble enjoying an e-liquid because it seems to have a slightly harsh edge or because one flavor note seems to overpower the others? Those are both potential signs that an e-liquid is a bit too young and could use a little more aging time. The term “steeping” was invented by the vaping community to describe the process of manually aging an e-liquid to improve its flavor. During the steeping process, harsh alcohol-based flavors evaporate out of an e-liquid, and other flavor notes meld together and become more cohesive.

To steep a bottle of e-liquid, simply open the bottle for a few seconds before closing it again and shaking it vigorously. Open, close and shake the bottle every day for about a week before testing the flavor again. If you’re happy with the e-liquid, it’s ready to use. If not, try steeping it a bit longer.

Use the E-Liquid as a Mixer

If you don’t find an e-liquid enjoyable to vape on its own, you should consider mixing it with another e-liquid that you do enjoy. A savory flavor like tobacco, for instance, often tastes great with a few drops of an e-liquid with a sweet flavor like custard. An e-liquid that tastes like a fruit or beverage acquires an appealingly icy chill with the addition of a little menthol. With a bit of experimentation, you may find a flavor combination that you really like.

Adjust Your Vaping Setup

If you’ve never experimented with using a particular e-liquid flavor with different types of vaping hardware, you may not have experienced the dramatic changes that can take place when you use a given vape juice with a different tank or different device settings. The flavor of an e-liquid can change drastically, for example, if you use it in a mouth-to-lung tank rather than a direct-to-lung tank. If you don’t have a collection of different vape tanks, you can also alter the flavor of an e-liquid simply by changing your current tank’s settings. Try lowering the wattage of your vaping device and closing your tank’s airflow vents slightly. You may find that the adjustments change the flavor of the e-liquid in a positive way.

You should also consider upgrading your device if you’re not satisfied with the flavor of your e-liquid. A higher-quality vaporizer can offer better temperature control and coil options, which can significantly improve the taste of your e-liquid. For those interested in exploring this route, you can purchase an air vape here and discover a whole new world of flavors that cater to both novice and experienced vapers. Upgrading your equipment can be a game-changer in the quest for the perfect vape.

Try the E-Liquid Again Later

If you don’t enjoy a particular e-liquid, have you ever considered the possibility that you just aren’t in the mood for that flavor right now? Maybe there’s nothing wrong with the e-liquid at all, and your opinion about it would be completely different if the circumstances changed. Maybe you just enjoyed a sweet dessert, and you’re not in the mood for a cloyingly sweet candy vape juice right now. Maybe the e-liquid doesn’t pair well with the beverage that you’re currently drinking. If you put the e-liquid away for a week or two and try it again under different circumstances, you may find that your opinion of the e-liquid changes completely.

If your opinion doesn’t change when you try the e-liquid again later, don’t throw it away. It’s always a good idea to have a supply of “emergency e-liquid” for those times when you run out of vape juice unexpectedly, or your budget is a little tight. If you haven’t used the e-liquid within a year, you might want to throw it out at that point because the flavor will have begun to degrade. Many people find, though, that a stash of emergency e-liquid can be a very useful thing to have.

Swap E-Liquids With Another Vaper

If you dislike an e-liquid so much that none of the ideas in this article work for you – or you simply don’t want to bother trying them – we have another suggestion that you might find useful. You probably have friends who vape, and there’s a good chance that those people also try new e-liquids once in a while and find that they don’t really enjoy them. As we said at the beginning of this article, taste is subjective. Although you may not like a particular e-liquid, one of your friends might absolutely love it. If you arrange a trade with a friend, you may both end up with e-liquids that you love – and if you don’t, you’ll at least get an opportunity to try a new vape juice for free.