What You Need To Know About An Access Point Name And Its Use In A Corporate Setting

Access Point Names (APNs) have been used by mobile devices for years when connecting to the internet. They are usually provided by a service (mobile) provider and allow everyone using that part of the provider’s network to use the web. They have now become a useful tool for corporate businesses, too.

In this article, we are going to discuss corporate access point names. We will share the benefits of using one for a remote team and how they can help you keep track of your business data usage. So, if you’re running a big team with remote staff, let’s take a look at what you need to know about APNs.

APN Definition

Simply put, an access point name is a gateway between a mobile device’s network and another computer network. In most cases, like with mobiles, it is the gateway between your mobile device and the public internet but, a mobile APN can be used to connect to any network, including intranets and VPNs. The access point name itself is a unique identifier that allows connection and dictates which data services are linked to your account. The APN is the exit point. The exit point from your personal network or device, linking to the public or private network it is set up to connect to.

Use In Business

So, if an APN is the connection point between two networks, how is it used in business? Well, most recently the best use for APN has been to allow for mobile or remote teams to be sharing one data connection. If you were all in the office, hardwired into one data point, you would not need an APN. But, being remote allows the need for such tools. Let’s take a closer look at why it’s useful for businesses to use an APN.

  • Reduce Data Spend

By using a single access point APN for multiple SIM cards and devices, you can reduce your data spend. Instead of having to buy multiple contracts, SIM cards, and accounts for different staff, you can simply sign up for one single data package. These can range from 5GB a month up to thousands of terabytes. Whatever you need, all in one handy package.

  • Secure Connection

A corporate APN provides a secure connection to the internet or a VPN which means all your device traffic can be linked and secured, leaving little room for data breaches or hacks. This can be especially important to those working remotely handling sensitive data. Using an APN to connect to a VPN adds layers of security for remote workers.

  • Insight Of Usage

Another benefit of this single package is the insights a company owner can gain from using it. You can see exactly how much data is being used, at what times, and by whom. This means you can accurately predict how much data is needed for the team, topping it up or reducing it accordingly.

  • Site Blocking

Another benefit of such insights is that you can block certain sites’ traffic through the APN. This means you can ensure your staff is working rather than browsing YouTube on company time, for example.

  • Single Data Bill

Finally, the single data bill helps with financial management and planning. We all know that running a company with lots of payrolls, remote staff, premises, and other expenses can be a fiscal nightmare. Having one single monthly data bill can seriously assist with this. No more dealing with 10’s or 100’s of staff bills, expenses, or data budgets.

What Else Will You Get?

If you are considering a corporate APN after reading this article, you may be wondering what else you can get in terms of packages or bundles. Well, a good service provider will, of course, include 24/7, ongoing technical support. Any issues with your APN or VPN will be dealt with swiftly by customer service teams and engineers. 

You may also have other great benefits included like firewall services to block unwanted material, multiple mobile network usages in one package, and the flexibility to increase or decrease your data package at set periods. These packages are usually 12 or 24 months, with renewals to be organized in advance.

So, that’s everything you need to know about both APNs and exactly how they are used in a corporate setting. If you are considering an APN for your remote teams, find a local supplier who can assist you in pricing, getting set up, and organizing everything for your hard-working remote team. We are sure that a great mobile APN will not let your team down.