Weekend Student Activities in Missoula

If you want to get the most out of your weekend, it is worth thinking about visiting a new place. Such a pastime will bring many positive vibes and provide you with an incredible energy boost. The USA can boast of a long list of must-visit places, and each of them has some unique qualities. If you are not ready to go far away, it is worth considering easy-reaching destinations. For example, if you study in Montana, you should pay attention to one of its biggest cities, Missoula. Back in the days, it was a small trading post surrounded by the awesome Rocky Mountains. However, many things have changed since that moment, and now this city has many things to offer its visitors. If you want to prolong your weekend a little, it is worth turning to the custom essay writing service and clearing out your schedule a bit. Many students find this city appealing thanks to numerous outdoor adventures and sights, so everyone will find something to their liking there. If you dream of an interesting and busy weekend full of many great spots, it is time to pack your backpack and make up the detailed route.

1. Visit Garnet Ghost Town

If you want to run away from the hustle and bustle of a big city, you should visit this abandoned town in Granite Country. It is surrounded by stunning mountains and forests, providing visitors with quietude. Thanks to a big goldmine, the town appeared, but people left after the gold was mined. Even though about a hundred years have passed since that time, more than twenty buildings have been preserved. You can go there any time you want since it is open year-round. Nonetheless, many students choose to go there in winter thanks to the opportunity to try snowmobiling and cross-country skiing.

2. Visit Rattlesnake National Recreation Area

People looking for physical activity can find a picturesque nature spot just a short five miles away from the city center. If you want to jog, walk, go hiking, or ride a bike, it is worth visiting this recreation area. You will get a chance to come across numerous mountain lakes with amazing waterfalls and watch local birds in their natural habitat. In fact, if you keep your eyes open, you’ll likely encounter deer, foxes, or even bears. If you like to ride horses, you can rent one and try a separate trail. The chances are high that you will spend almost the whole day, so it is better to take care of your college workload beforehand and find an affordable essay writing service that will help get your papers done on time.

3. Pop in the Montana Museum of Art and Culture

If you neither study at the University of Montana nor are familiar with the Museum of Art and Culture located on its campus, you should pop in it on the weekend. You will find about 11,500 works of art, both inside and out, so if you don’t want to miss anything, it is worth grabbing the campus artwork map designed specifically for such a purpose. The university campus has also become home to a number of art galleries, so everyone interested in creativity and self-expression should visit such a stunning place.

4. Visit Farmer’s Market

If you’re a foodie, Saturday morning is a perfect time to visit Missoula’s famous farmer’s market. The chances are high that most products were picked at sunrise when you were finishing your dream. If you have acquaintances in the city, this place can become a wonderful meeting spot for a cup of delicious coffee. The market gathers more than a hundred vendors in the fresh air and pleases visitors with high-quality local products. Thus, if you plan to arrange a picnic with friends, it is a great place to get juicy fruits, freshly baked pastry, various jams, etc. It can become a wonderful start to your weekend if you get term paper assistance beforehand and rid yourself of unnecessary concerns and worries.

5. Visit Caras Park

When you find yourself in the heart of the city center, make sure to visit this park since it represents an epicenter of fun and joy. It is located on the river bank and is the favorite venue of festivals, live music concerts, shows, and some private special events. You can check the schedule of festivals beforehand to make sure you come at the right time. The park has numerous walking trails, different attractions, and cozy places you can pop in to have a tasty lunch or dinner.

6. Arrange Brewery Tour

If you’re the type of student who likes to relax on the weekend with some beer, then Missoula offers you a great chance to get a completely new experience. Take a beer tour and become familiar with the local craft beer scene. You will pop in several breweries in a row in about four hours, find out some new info about the brewing process and try everything you want. On the way to breweries, you will enjoy amazing landscapes and a special atmosphere that reigns in this state. To get the best out of your Missoula weekend, you can combine several points from this to-do list to recharge yourself with energy and positive experiences.