Useful Tips That Will Boost The Comfort Of Your Senior Loved Ones

Growing old brings with it many challenges, most of them not sudden or shocking but either way, they leave a mark on everybody. And we, the sons and daughters of those who cared for us while we were young, have to take our turn to look after them and secure a pleasant and comfortable old age. However, this can be quite a challenge considering how busy most of us are with our jobs and other day-to-day tasks, not to mention that many don’t even know how to properly help seniors. 

Luckily for us – this is not a new problem and many solutions are already known, some easy, others not. Taking your elderly parents or grandparents to a senior home is thought to be a very elegant solution, but it usually isn’t supported by the seniors themselves as much.

But there is a wide range of other possibilities too that you should be aware of. 

Provide a Close Circle of Friends 

However long their life was, and however much time they had to meet people and make friends – seniors often struggle with making new acquaintances. This is made even more difficult by having their lifelong friends pass away before them, being out of any major social circles and, more often than not – being immobile. And you can do a great deal for them if you help them in this matter.

Many old folks will be very keen on meeting other people their age, especially if they have a common topic to discuss or a shared activity. That is why you should find such activities for them and bring them there for them to try – boules, knitting, bingo nights, chess clubs, etc. 

Professional Senior Care

The most widespread solution for improving the comfort of your elderly is the senior nursing home. Not only government-funded ones, but you also have a senior care franchise opportunity to invest in if you have the means to help not only your elders but others as well. Those types of homes are popping all over the States in recent years, as the home care industry is booming, following the trend of a slightly aging population. 

If looking for an already established senior care institution – make sure they are placed somewhere where not only your elders will feel comfortable but where you will be able to visit them. 

New Technology for a New Age

A bit of a novelty on this market is friendly robots that are designed to interact and socialize with the elderly. Many of them are still in a testing phase and the exact benefit is not yet known, though early results are promising and scientists are optimistic.

The idea behind them is that not only will they, the robots, be able to constantly interact with people and keep their minds active, but they will also always be alert if any medical emergencies need immediate attention. 

A Safe Environment

Several illnesses raise particular concern when thinking about our seniors’ comfort. There is the question of limited vision, fragile bones, and weaker muscles, but also mental illnesses such as Alzheimer’s. Having an active approach to helping them would mean keeping a waking eye on them 24/7, which is very hard to accomplish. 

On the other hand, a passive solution is to make their home and environment as safe as possible for them. For example, add railing to all stairs where they are missing, keep sticky notes around with reminders for taking medication, supply them with an assistance dog if they are visually impaired. 

Show Them You Care

Studies show how loneliness can cause serious harm to our mental health, and that people over 45 are especially susceptible to this. To avoid this we need not only have a constant presence around them, but it has to be an active presence with sincere interaction.

Just sitting around in the park and having people walk around and seeing children play is not really what helps people feel less lonely. It is the friendship and connections with others that make them feel like a part of a group and to have someone they can rely upon mostly. So take note – it is not enough to just provide financially for their comfort, but we have to participate in it too.

We can learn a lot from countries with elderly populations, such as Japan and Spain, where a culture of honoring and taking care of the elderly both gives them an active role in society and makes them feel better despite their age. And, as you see, at least a little bit of attention can take you a long way!