The Ultimate Guide to Traveling Abroad During COVID-19

Traveling during the pandemic is tough. Here are some things to consider to help you plan a safe and effective trip..


Make note of the number of COVID cases in the location you’re going to visit. You’re better off not visiting a country that is experiencing a bad case of the pandemic. Although most locations have the virus under control, there are others that have not been so successful.

To be extra safe, only travel to locations that have been handling the virus well for a long period of time. This would make the chances of dealing with a new outbreak low.

There are many sites that list the top travel destinations during covid-19. Why don’t you check them out?

Coming Back

Does your country advise against visiting certain locations? If you are already in such a location, it won’t be easy to get back. You would be hit with heavy documentation and hefty fees. Locations that you’re not advised to visit may be on your government’s travel regulation site.


Having to quarantine has become the norm. How each government makes you quarantine differs. This would be the period you’d be in isolation for. And what you’d have to do once the isolation period has passed. In most places, it’s 2-weeks of quarantine.

Where will you be quarantining? The government of the country might offer visitors places to stay. If you’re lucky, the hotel you’ve booked at would offer this service.


Many airlines are operating again. However, some are safer than others since they take a lot more precautions. Major airlines are who you should be working with – they are leading names when it comes to safety.

Right now, airlines are starting to implement vaccination only programs, so vaccinated individuals would be able to take those flights. The programs are still in the works. But by the time you’re planning your trip, they may be a reality.

Believe it not, traveling in jets has become increasingly affordable due to the pandemic. It would be the safest thing to do. If you’re traveling with friends and family, this wouldn’t be that pricey. Of course, the largest names would offer the best aircraft maintenance and ensure safety.


Hopefully, you can get vaccinated before your visit. You wouldn’t have to worry about contracting COVID. Moreover, getting vaccinated has a lot of perks – you might not have to quarantine, or stay in isolation for that long.

Speak to local health authorities and make note whether you can get vaccinated before your visit. You might not have realized that this was a possibility.

To sum things up, traveling during the pandemic is much harder. You should be mindful of the location you’ll be visiting – you don’t want to be stuck abroad with a lot of virus cases.

The travel restrictions you’d be hit with are also important. If your country doesn’t advise you to visit the nation, coming back home will be difficult. So it’s best to avoid these places.