Successful Homeowners Associations Benefit Local Communities

Homeowner Associations (HOAs) are growing in popularity, and currently around 25% of Americans live under an HOA. Across the country, there are almost 350,000 communities privately run by cooperative, condominium or housing associations. In Missoula alone, there are around 180 HOAs currently listed by the city, covering a range of housing from Missoula Park Place Condominiums in Downtown Missoula to detached properties in Canyon Creek on the outskirts of the city. Although HOAs are subject to some federal laws, they are largely governed by state laws and regulations. Good HOAs, run by volunteers or overseen by an association management company, hold regular meetings and give all residents the opportunity to help plan the development of amenities in the local neighborhood. This can enhance a valuable sense of community and, together with the provision of regular maintenance programs and shared recreational facilities, can significantly increase property values.

Association Management Strengthens Neighborhoods

Despite the recent restrictions on in-person council and association sessions, attendance at HOA meetings has increased nationwide due to being held online. In many cases, virtual meetings have been found to be very efficient, and they are also particularly useful for anyone with a second-home in the mountains or at the beach, and who is currently out of state. Although the members of many HOA boards are volunteers, a professional association management company can also be beneficial in the administration of a successful association. Management services in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina include helping HOAs with the smooth running and organization of board meetings and overseeing helpful community websites. From these thriving coastal communities where permanent residents and visitors can enjoy sun and surf, to townhouse neighborhoods in the heart of a city, good association management helps to keep communities strong.

Shared Amenities Create A Sense Of Community

In coastal neighborhoods or mountain ski resorts, one of the benefits of belonging to a homeowners association is access to shared amenities such as swimming pools, community gyms or recreational parks. In Colorado’s Summit County mountain developments, luxury facilities such as hiking trails, saunas and hot tubs are often included by the condo association for a single fee. Although facilities are managed and maintained by associations, allowing residents to become involved in the planning and development of their shared amenities can create a greater sense of community. In Missoula last year, residents of Canyon Creek HOA, a thriving neighborhood on the outskirts of the town, were invited to have their say on the future development of Redfern Park to be funded by the City of Missoula. Residents had already shared their ideas at a planning workshop, and the new draft outline of the park was designed to reflect the shared values of all neighborhood residents.

HOAs are becoming increasingly popular throughout the country. With effective administration, they can offer useful maintenance programs and shared recreational facilities, which not only help to create pleasant communities in which to live, but can also enhance the value of a property.