MCT Presents Schoolhoue Rock Live!

To close the 50th Anniversary year, the Missoula Community Theatre is going back to school and the stage with Schoolhouse Rock Live!  This Emmy Award-winning 1970s Saturday morning cartoon series hits the MCT stage as well as the screen (to stream), teaching history, grammar, math and more through clever, catchy tunes.  G-rated and ideal for the entire family, it tells the story of Tom-a nervous, young teacher preparing for his first day of school. He watches the Schoolhouse Rock cartoon on TV to calm himself down, getting caught up in excitement of verbs, math, science AND social studies (“Just a Bill / The Preamble”). Tom’s grandmother and her mother were both teachers; during their lifetimes, that was one of the few job opportunities open to women (“Sufferin’ ’til Suffrage”).

In 1973 when Schoolhouse Rock (the cartoon) appeared, it was a much different time in our society than today.  The co-directors (Michael McGill and Joe Martinez) and music director (Scott Hamilton) acknowledge and are sensitive to the fact there are some dated cultural references, and other material that would be presented differently, had it been written today. Still, there is so much to enjoy through the entertaining, creative, educational songs and story line of Schoolhouse Rock Live!. Much like actual schools this year, MCT is approaching this show in a hybrid model—with limited-seating in-person, socially distanced, safety-following performances (May 8 and 9) as well as offering scheduled streaming content (May 7-16) for enjoying at home. The cast of Clayton Dutton, Tim Shonkwiler, Jeroen Thornton, Grace McGeoch, Whitney Miller and Paisley Thornton are all experienced actors who were taught some ASL (American Sign Language) by Lead Sign Language Interpreter at the Unviersity of Montana, Denise May, in order to add an educational aspect to the show.  After all, isn’t learning what school is for?  This fun and iconic look back in time will make for a most enjoyable trip back to school…. or more accurately, to the theatre!

Tickets for both performance options are $20/each and can be found at (click ‘stream from home’ for streaming tickets and ‘Buy Tickets’ to purchase for in-person performances). In-person seats are reserved and limited to no more than 50 people at each performance.

Schoolhouse Rock Live! is sponsored by Allegiance Benefit Plan Management, Inc., First Security Bank, Rhoades, Seifert & Erickson, PLLC and Missoula Current and is a production of the Missoula Community Theatre.