Important Details To Remember Before Going Through A Divorce

Marriage is as beautiful as it can be until things get sore between partners, and talks about divorce rear its ugly head. There are many reasons couples make the choice to get divorced. 

In case you have been thinking back and forth about it and you want to go ahead with the official dissolution of your marriage. Know that divorce is not something you decide on a whim, without considering or double-checking some details. If you have decided, this is a guide that will help you put things into perspective before you go through a divorce.

The prenuptial agreement

Was there a prenuptial agreement? Who gains from the prenup? What do you stand to gain from the prenup? Would it be fair for you to walk out of a fifteen-year-old marriage with only $5000 and no alimony, especially if you get custody of the children? 

Though premarital assets are often off-limit during divorce settlement as most prenups state, any assets brought into the marriage remain the person’s personal property. A prenup could also state that any property acquired by the couple during the marriage is subjected to division. Hence, you have to consider these factors when you want to go through divorce because they would have a huge effect on your finances. 

Consider your legal options

This is one of the most important factors to consider when a couple is about to go through a divorce. Unless you have gone through a divorce before, you might have unrealistic ideas about what to expect. The attorneys at revealed that there are fault and no-fault divorce options to choose from. When filing for a no-fault divorce, it means you and your partner have been separated and lived apart for twelve continuous months or more, which makes the proceedings for divorce more streamlined.   

When you file for a fault divorce, cite either adultery, assault, abandonment, or any other faults of your partner that has made you decide to dissolve the union, in this case, many people go for irreconcilable differences as a reason for the divorce. 

Mind you, your legal options also depend on your social status and standing, as you will want to protect your assets and interest from your partner too. 

You are the one getting divorced, not the kids

When going through a divorce, it is easy to get caught up in the heat of the moment, but you need to rein it in when kids are involved as uttering awful words to each other in the presence of your kids can have a lasting effect. Unless you premise the dissolution on a case of neglect or abuse, your kids will continue to share a relationship with the other parent.

Psychological studies have shown that the more parents fight during a divorce, the more damaging the entire process is for the children. Hence, consider an experienced marriage counseling professional to counsel both of you and your kids to help them navigate the divorce process.

Be financially prepared

If you think you’re wrapping up your divorce with your spouse, tick all boxes with your finances as soon as possible. There is no charity offered for legal fees, and it can significantly add up into colossal figures when the divorce process is taking a while. 

It is important to think and strategize ahead as miscellaneous expenses and family emergencies can rear their head during the process. You can get the help of a financial analyst to assist you to analyze your marriage assets, which is extremely important if you suspect your partner is keeping you in the dark as regards your financial accounts.

Update your will

Before when you go through with the divorce, update your will. Take all the required legal steps to ensure only the right people benefit from your death, such as your children and immediate relatives. 

Sometimes, the divorce process can take longer than normal before it gets completed, and if something tragic happened to you along the line, your soon-to-be ex-spouse will benefit. If you were to pass away or become ill, they would have access to your life insurance policy and 401k. 

So, update your will as soon as you decide to file for divorce, maybe to protect your children and keep them away from an abusive partner, add an addendum on who should be their legal parents after your death.

Of course, many circumstances surround divorce, and each case is unique. However, under normal circumstances, it is important to weigh your options carefully before going through with the divorce.