Guide on How to Play in an Online Casino while Traveling

There are several factors to keep in mind if you want to enjoy your favorite casinos when traveling outside your country. The moment you exit your country, there might be roaming charges if you’re going to use the same number and SIM card. You might choose a smaller device to play on than usual, or you need to be in your own country to enjoy the service of a specific website. 

Where and How

Many people prefer to take some home comforts when they travel. For you, this might be your favorite norske bettingsider. Thanks to widespread internet availability and an array of mobile devices, this is easier than ever. Many writers, like Nina Olsendburg, have reviewed the best online casinos for the Norwegian market, and now you can take them wherever you go on the globe.

Internet Availability and Wifi

The first thing you need for a good gaming experience is a stable internet connection. Many airports, hotels, malls, restaurants, and coffee shops have free internet access these days. However, this isn’t true for every country in the world. 

You have to do some research and make sure to stay in a hotel that can provide internet access. The other options are to activate the internet roaming on your mobile device or buy a SIM card from the country you are visiting to use while you are there. 

The Device

Thanks to smartphones and tablets, we easily carry everything we need from a computer in our bags and pockets. You have to decide which you are taking with you to play on. You need to download any casino app you want to play on ahead of time and sign up or enter any details before leaving the country. This makes your gambling experience more secure. 

You might take a tablet with you to enjoy the game on a larger screen. However, there are a large variety of games out there designed to play better on the smaller screen of a smartphone. Your choice of game will also influence the device you prefer. Slots and scratch cards are sometimes better on a smaller screen, but you might miss your big PC screen while you’re playing table games like poker.  

Get a VPN

You might have the best international internet coverage and the perfect device, but you might not be able to access the casino’s website from a different country. A Virtual Private Network (VPN) will help you hide the IP address you’re connecting from in a foreign country and allow you access to the website or app of your choice like you were playing from home. 

No New Casinos

It might be tempting to register with a new casino while traveling to a different country. This would be a mistake. You need to provide your ID, a physical address, and proof of this residence to claim any winnings. If you’re travelling in Germany and decide to sign up with a German casino, you might find that you can do that. 

You’ll start to experience problems when it comes time to verify your identity. If the casino learns that you’re not a resident and have falsely claimed to be, you’ll lose your winnings and whatever money you deposited. It’s wise to use a VPN and play on casinos that allow your country and currency during the registration process.  

Bring the Power

While packing for your trip, you might want to consider adding a power bank or two to your luggage. No amount of widely available free internet will keep your device’s battery from running out. There may be wireless charging wherever you go in the future, but you’ll want to be prepared for now. 

If you’re in your hotel room, it won’t be a problem as you’ll have a plug nearby to charge your mobile device. The most challenging thing here is to make sure you pack the correct adapter. Airports and restaurants might have outlets available to the public, too. However, if you’re an adventurer or like moving around, a power bank is a much smarter answer. It allows you the freedom to move about and takes away dependence on an electrical outlet.  


It might take a bit of time and research, but it would be wise to follow the tips in this guide on how to play from anywhere in the world. It’ll save you a lot of frustration and time. You could be enjoying your favourite casino game while waiting for a flight, your food, or when spending a night stuck in a hotel room.