Great Gift Ideas That Will Impress Your Card Lover Friend

Gifting is a special love language. The right present can pass an invaluable message that’s nearly impossible to communicate with words. It leaves a permanent sentimental mark. However, finding the right gift is nowhere as easy as it may sound.

Buying the perfect gift starts by finding out what exactly your friend loves. For card lovers, you want to get them a present representing their passion for the game. Something that will enhance their experience every time they are on the table. Here are a few great examples:

1. Poker Chip Sets

Chips are an integral part of poker which makes them an amazing gift idea. The chipsets are not just great for avid poker lovers but also for casual hobbyists who enjoy collecting poker chips.

Poker Chip sets come in different styles and designs. You can even go as far as ordering custom-designed chips to give the gift a personal touch. 

Chipsets are also available at different prices depending on quality, design, and other factors. This means virtually everyone can get the perfect set that’s within their budget. 

Poker chipsets come in a small case that is super easy to wrap and carry. In most cases, the package also has some space to hold a deck of cards, which helps keep everything in one place. Some will even come with a free deck of cards inside.

2. Poker Guide Or Book

If you care about them, then you must improve their game. Poker books are a great gift regardless of the skill level of the giftee. There are books for absolute beginners that explain basic rules, standard strategies, etc., and others for advanced players that dig deeper into decade-old winning poker techniques. 

Try and find out how good your friend is in poker and get them the appropriate book. If that feels like too much work, get them books for all skill levels! They only cost a few dollars, so it shouldn’t leave a massive dent on your bank balance.

3. Deck Of Cards

This may sound like a basic gift, but it’s not. Get a new deck of cards to replace the old dirty ones that are probably marked by some of your friend’s regular opponents.

Make this gift even more interesting by purchasing unique cards. For instance, instead of the standard deck, marked cards like the ones from are good for those casual gaming nights. The cards are marked with invisible ink on the back to help an opponent identify the card through contact lenses or a phone. This is just the right gift if you are tired of seeing your friend lose to the same annoying neighbor every time.

Besides marked cards, you can also try some limited edition cards. These have great sentimental value, but they are usually very expensive.

4. Poker Tabletop

If you are not interested in any of the above “small” gifts, go big with a poker tabletop. A poker table top will completely transform your gaming nights. It brings casino vibes to the game, which is just what a staunch poker lover wants.

The beauty with poker tables is there are no limits on how big you can go. You can get a compact table that works perfectly with limited space or a massive one that requires a dedicated room. It’s all up to you and your budget. 

Make sure you consider the amount of real estate your friend has to accommodate the table. The last thing you want is to spend big only for the table to end up squeezed in a garage or storage unit collecting dust simply because it couldn’t fit anywhere in the house.

5. Card Shuffler

A card shuffler is another interesting gift that can paint a smile on your friend’s face. And no, card shufflers are not just meant for people who don’t know how to shuffle. Shufflers are also good for eliminating complaints on the legitimacy of the shuffle. This is good if your friend’s gaming circle has that one player who never admits that they beat fair and square.

There are different types of shufflers on the market at the moment. You can buy a hand-cranked card shuffler (operated manually) or an automatic shuffler. The latter is more convenient but pricey. 

Be extra keen on the shuffler you choose because some of them can damage cards.

6. Poker Apparel

The most popular apparel is poker t-shirts, but you can also buy a hoodie, jacket, and even underpants.

There are many poker clothes on the market, but you can also place a custom order and print something funny.

As you can see, gifting a card lover is not so hard when you know what to look for. The best part is that most of these gifts are reasonably priced and easy to find, so they shouldn’t give you a headache.