Driveway design: what you should know

First impressions count. When welcoming guests to your home, make sure you make the right impression with the perfect driveway design. A thoughtful and eye-catching driveway can give your property major curb appeal. Whether it’s a long winding gravel drive through acres of landscaping or a simple, utilitarian paved parking area.

Driveway design can also add value to your property. Well thought out outside areas are just as much a selling point as your interiors. Putting a little extra care into your driveway could pay dividends in the long run. Getting your driveway design can provide added security too. Gravel, which crunches underfoot, is a good deterrent for potential thieves. Keeping your cars and property safe.

When it comes to driveway pavers, be sure the material you choose can withstand the steady weight of automobile traffic. You’ll need a driveway paver that not only complements the aesthetic of your home because it will be a feature, but is also sturdy and long-lasting. Luckily, a reputable driveway paving contractors like driveway pavers in Greenville SG can exclusively utilize driveway pavers that are renowned for being of the best quality available.

From driveway construction, driveway curbing and edging to paving and landscaping options, we look at how to design an impactful driveway that suits your home.

The entrance

There are many entrance options to consider when designing a dream driveway. Essentially your entrance will set the tone for your guests visit. You will want to ensure your driveway entrance represents your home as a whole.

For property owners who value privacy, Timber gates are a good entrance option. This gives you control over who enters your property. Plus, it will reveal your driveway design and house gradually, adding an element of drama.

The materials

Which materials you use will be informed by the architecture of your house, where your home is (urban vs rural), and the impression you want to make. Gravel is often a popular choice as it’s cost-effective and good for security.

Poured concrete is another good option. Although not the most attractive. Stone paving slabs can be used very effectively as a driveway option. These do cost more but they will create a high-end look to wow your visitors time and time again. If you have questions about which paving material to use, then you may consider consulting asphalt paving contractors. A professional asphalt paving company can help you with asphalt paving and will help you decide which will best suit your needs.

The shape

Often dictated by the distance between your property entrance and where you park. The shape might also have to navigate through landscaped gardens that you want to show off. Many driveways will be a straight length of paving or gravel towards a garage.

It is vital you use the correct edging and driveway curbs when planning the shape of your driveway. Edging and curbing will help keep your design neat but you will need specialized curved edging if you choose a design that incorporates twists and turns.

The finishing

Landscaping your gardens that surround your driveway is one way to finish your dream driveway design. If your driveway is a humbler affair, then consider other finishing touches. This could include strip lighting to guide the way in the dark.

Potted plants that line your driveway can also be used with great effect. Whether it’s low box-shaped hedges or towering ferns, the only limit is your imagination.