Can A VR Headset Improve Productivity?

Virtual Reality (VR) headsets are the latest must-have product. Many firms have taken to giving them out to help boost job satisfaction and productivity during this pandemic. Many global tech giants such as Alphabet (Google’s parent company) and Facebook, give their workforce a lot of great benefits, such as workplace pool tables, free food, social events and video games. Many people will compare potential workplaces based on such perks. All this is part of a broader idea that if a company can get its workforce to spend more time at work, even if they are having fun, their productivity will increase. Though this idea began in Silicon Valley, it has been embraced by business way outside the tech industry. VR headsets have become especially popular with workers. The question is, do they improve productivity?

VR Headsets Definitely Boost Job Satisfaction

VR headsets are not only used for fun, they have also been adopted by many companies to hold virtual social events to provide support for their workers during the pandemic. Companies have used VR headsets to go on virtual rock climbing events, archery, dance, fitness or fishing trips. At a time

BrightCarbon’s staff have been holding virtual social events to help each other cope mentally through lockdowns, from VR rock climbing and archery to dancing games, fitness and fishing trips. Such events have had a great impact, relieving stress, keeping them connected with their teams, and boosting their morale. For many people, they have even found that virtual events have helped them expand their social circle.

VR Headsets Symbolise How Much a Company cares for its Employees

In the hard-nosed world of business, showing caring is something that often gets neglected. Driven by the bottom line, many corporate executives forget that they are dealing with people and that those people need to feel cared for, and part of a community. Enlightened managers have taken the initiative and sent out non-monetary gifts to their workers. Pay is important, but often, non-monetary benefits are more effective at demonstrating softer concerns.

So, giving VR headsets and the best plantronics headset and holding virtual events sends a message that the company cares about the emotional wellbeing of its workers.

With so many people working from home, at a time of a global health pandemic, many workers are experiencing stresses that they have not been prepared to deal with. Helping these workers deal with the stresses of working at home and living during a pandemic, is one of the big priorities, not only of HR, but of the entire organization. VR headsets and the virtual events that they make possible, are a great way of showing support and caring for workers. It is also a wonderful way of keeping everyone connected, rather than isolated.

Working from Home Increases Productivity

Whatever the gifts that employers choose to give their workers, research shows that workers are becoming increasingly adept at motivating themselves. According to research, two thirds of workers feel that they are more or as productive as when they worked from the office. What they do lack, however, is emotional support. Perhaps VR headsets may not boost productivity, because workers are doing just fine in that department, but they can be used to boost morale.