Smart Tips That Will Help You Prevent Any Incident Of Drunk Driving

We all know that we should not drink and drive although we still ignore and find ourselves dealing with the repercussions of drunk driving. Many deaths on the roads occur annually because of drunk driving and yet arrests do not prevent other people from drinking and driving. Perhaps, people drink and drive because they can easily escape unnoticed and thus unarrested. While you may play cat and rat games with the traffic police, you cannot do the same in the aftermath of drunk driving. Drivers who got arrested for dui may need to work with a bail bonds agent or a bail bonds firm. They can look for a bail bondsman if they need help posting their bail.

Have  A Dedicated Driver

Whether you take alcohol yourself or not, it is wise to choose a dedicated non-drinking driver whom you can rely on any time you are out there and you need a ride home. If you take alcohol, ensure your chosen driver is trustworthy and reliable. He /she should have your home address, have some emergency contact information and have a valid driver’s license too so that he/she can facilitate your safety. Having a designated driver can also make it easy for you to hold your driver accountable in case anything like robbery and assault happens to you during the ride. Also, based on this DUI second offense information choose a driver who is aware of the offenses and penalties associated with drunk driving. Such a driver can avoid driving while drunk to reduce the costs of insurance services for his car especially if he/she had previously been found with the first offense of drunk driving. Avoid taking alcohol when you are out alone and your driver is unavailable. Inform your driver that you will be out until a certain time of the day or night to avoid any inconveniences. 

Always Use Public Transport Services

In case you find yourself out and drunk and you do not have a dedicated taxi driver, use public transport.  If you are using a taxi and you have some reasonable levels of soberness, always ask for the driver’s license, name, and the car’s number plate and save these details and share them with a trusted friend or loved one. Observe all the safety tips while riding in a taxi while drunk. This can enhance your security and make it easy for you to be traced in case you are abducted or involved in a road accident. Public transport services are also more affordable and can guarantee you safety especially when you are drunk. 

Sleep Over If You Must

Anytime you are drunk and exhausted you can book a hotel room and sleepover and travel when you are sober enough. This can prevent cases of you boarding a vehicle that is probably not headed in the direction of your home and reduce your chances of being arrested for driving while drunk. If you are attending a friend’s party and you drink yourself silly, you can sleepover at your friend’s place rather than risk your life by driving while drunk. This way you can enjoy partying without any fears of how to get home. 

Likewise, if you must drink at a party, tag a friend along and ensure you pick a friend that does not drink. The friend can drive you home after the party. If you are fond of driving while drunk, immediately you arrive at the party zone, hand over your keys to the non-drinking friend. The friend whom you go with to the party or pub should also care for you to snatch you the keys when you try to start that car while drunk. Have such a responsible friend who can hide your car keys just to keep you safe.

Opt For Alternative Drinks

Whether you are attending a friend’s party or you are simply out to have fun and you must drive, avoid taking alcohol. instead, take alternative drinks which you can enjoy as much as you enjoy alcohol. You can instead take water, juice, or soda if you want something to sup on. This way you can avoid the temptation of taking alcohol. And consequently, reduce your chances of suffering drunk-driving-related consequences. As the party host, also limit the amount of alcohol you serve your guests with. Instead, offer them more alternative drinks than alcohol. 

Drunk driving is a major contributor to road accidents and deaths resulting from road accidents. The best way to avoid drunk driving-related incidences is to avoid driving while drunk. If you cannot help drinking, always have a designated non-drinking driver to pick you up and drop you home. Consider sleeping over when you must and opt for public transport services as they are safer. Don’t forget to eat well before you drink and if you can take alternative drinks to avoid getting drunk.