How To Make Sure Your Next Piece Of Jewelry Is Planet Friendly

Living in today’s day and age means you’re very likely to buy and consume things that you wouldn’t otherwise. And even though there’s nothing inherently wrong with consumption and shopping, it’s important to mention that certain manufacturing processes, mainly in fashion, are extremely harmful to the planet and the environment. This also applies to fashion accessories such as jewelry. Therefore, if you want to make sure that the next piece of jewelry is eco-friendly, then here are some tips that will help you learn more about this topic.

Pay attention to the materials 

Some manufacturers prefer to use recycled materials, and that’s definitely great news. Adding second-hand pieces of jewelry to create something new and equally stunning is a great way to create less waste and contribute to a much greener world than we have right now. Also, there’s a huge benefit to using recycled materials: simply, there will be less metal extraction from the earth, thus causing fewer environmental issues and expenses. Besides, wearing jewelry made completely or partially of recycled materials is amazing, as it brings a certain sense of history and sentimentality, so if you cherish all things vintage, then make sure to pay attention to the origins of your jewelry. 

Buy second-hand 

Sometimes, second-hand shopping is the best way to live a more sustainable lifestyle. And even though the majority of second-hand shopping revolves around cars, appliances and clothes, it’s entirely possible to buy used jewelry as well. Besides, this is also a great solution if you value authenticity and uniqueness because chances are, you’re more likely to find something extraordinary if you shop second-hand than if you go to the stores that practically sell very same or similar pieces. The easiest way to find unique jewelry is to browse antique stores, flea markets or to buy directly from online sellers. 

Find a brand that you value 

Finding your go-to brand for jewelry is a practical decision, especially if you’re an enthusiast who likes to collect amazing pieces. And in case you like to give jewelry as a gift to your loved ones, then it makes perfect sense to find a brand that you like and learn more about their vision as that will give you a clear overview of what they’re all about. If the brand shares your values and principles regarding sustainability and environmentalism, then it’s a good chance that you’ve found your perfect match. Knowing the company you’re buying from is extremely important, especially if you’re a person who cares about social and environmental issues.

Make your own jewelry

Now, it’s well-known that making your own jewelry won’t yield the same results as buying it from an experienced manufacturer, but it’s still a lovely effort that may help the planet and cut your costs. Knowing how to make cute, summer-time, and cheap pieces is also a nice way to practice your craftiness and kindness. However, if you have a valuable jewelry piece that you’ve inherited, then it’s best to melt it down and recreate something new that you’ll equally enjoy wearing. That way, your new piece of jewelry will still hold sentimental value, while looking elegant and modern. 


Jewelry is often timeless and classical which is why it’s important to be well-kept at all times. However, in case sustainability and the environment are important to you, then you should make sure to wear jewelry that is eco-friendly, at least to a degree. Buying second-hand, making your own pieces and aligning with a brand that you have in common are all great steps that you could take, and that will help you find some stunning pieces that you’ll enjoy wearing.