Eradicating Rats: Should You DIY Or Hire A Professional?

For the one-third of Americans who admit to spotting a rodent in their home, the serious impact these unwelcome visitors can have is clear. Rats and mice can chew through drywall insulation and electrical wires and, in some cases, cause a fire. If nothing is done about it, an infestation can destroy the very structure of your home or business. But even more serious is the impact rats and mice can have on your health, from contaminating food and spreading diseases, to triggering allergy and asthma symptoms. A pest infestation can close businesses and put people’s livelihoods on the line. So, should you tackle the problem yourself or hire a professional?

DIY Rodent Control

It is possible that in some cases, DIY rodent control may be effective. However, while you may have only spotted one rat in your home,  it’s common for there to be others. Rodents can enter your home from different entry points. Therefore, each rodent will need a different trapping method and bait, and the effectiveness of store-bought rodent traps tend to be either short-lived or coincidental. Rats and mice spread more than 35 diseases worldwide. Dealing with the rat problem yourself means you will be putting yourself in contact with the rats or their droppings, urine, saliva, or even a rodent bite, which could make you very ill.

Professional Pest Control

While rodents plague as many as 21 million homes in the US each year, rodent control is not just about removing the rodents. You need to know how they got into your home to stop more rats from coming in. But as rats are known to squeeze through gaps the size of a nickel, finding that entry point isn’t always easy. Part of the job of pest control companies is to know rodents and understand their behaviors. They have access to the latest equipment and treatments to locate and eradicate most rodent problems effectively. As experienced and professional exterminators, they will have a better chance of removing the rodents and stop them from returning once and for all.

Problems Caused By Rodents

America is home to different types of rodents. Fortunately, not all of them will invade your home or cause damage to it, but many will. Rats and mice are hugely destructive and can chew through insulation and even the coating on wiring, which can cause shortened circuits and sometimes house fires. They will also chew your furniture, destroy your documents and valuable heirlooms, gnaw on wood, and get into food storage. In return, the rodents contaminate your property with their urine and droppings. Whether you opt for a professional exterminator or try to tackle the problem yourself, a rat infestation should never be ignored. Trying to eliminate pests yourself is not the best idea. Instead, you should leave it to experts like Drake Lawn & Pest Control.

It is possible to purchase the equipment yourself and research what you can do about your rodent problem. However, if you want the peace of mind that you have completely cleaned your home of your furry visitors, hiring an exterminator is the best option.