Buying A Used Golf Cart? Here’s What You Should Look For

Golf carts are almost a necessity when playing on most courses, and they can be quite expensive. They can also be fun to have for driving around your neighborhood or private community. However, new ones are expensive, so you might want to purchase one that’s pre-owned. Here are some things you should look for when buying a used golf cart.

Consider The Golf Cart’s Age

While some golf carts can still run fabulously as they get older, others will break down often and have other problems that make it a headache to keep running. Check out the cart’s make, model, and serial number, so you can find out how difficult it will be to find replacement parts. Also, ask the dealer for documentation of how many hours or cycles are on it. This is similar to checking the mileage on a car and will tell you how much wear and tear it’s experienced. Newer carts might track this internally on the controller.

Make Sure It Has The Features You Want

You’ll want a cart that suits your specific wants and needs, such as if you intend to use it primarily in your neighborhood or if you’ll be taking it over rougher terrain. Each make and model of pre-owned golf carts have different features, so make a checklist of what you want before you start shopping. You might be looking for one that can go a certain speed or comes with accessories that will make your time in it more comfortable. There’s a wide variety of features you can find in different golf carts, so once you determine the ones you want, it’ll make it much easier to decide which to purchase.

Do You Want Gas or Electric?

The two main types of golf carts are gas-powered and electric. Gas carts can go faster, but you’ll have to perform routine maintenance to keep them running. There’s also the matter of paying for fuel, which can vary in price from one day to the next. Electric carts require less upkeep, but you need to use a battery charger to keep them powered. The lifespan of batteries is also limited, so you should make sure you have one in good condition to avoid having to buy new ones right away. Most should last about five years. As long as they’re clean and don’t show signs of corrosion, they should last for a while. However, if they’re covered in corrosion and have bulging sides, that means the battery won’t last much longer.

Inspect The Cart’s Appearance

Take a good look at the exterior of the cart. Look for any signs of damage. See if it’s dented, rusted, or has chipped or faded paint. Any extra repairs you’ll have to do after purchasing it will cost you additional money, so you want one that doesn’t require much work. Smaller things like these should be okay, but things like loose panels, broken parts, or signs of significant damage are indicative of a cart in need of serious restoration to make it safe to use. If it looks like the cart will end up being more expensive to fix up than just buying a new one, you should probably give it a pass.

The Condition of the Tires

Golf cart tires aren’t difficult to replace, but it’s still better if they’re in good condition when you buy a used cart. Check the treads. If they’re deep and lack any visible damage, they should last a long time. Also, be sure they can retain air once inflated. You may not be able to immediately notice any small holes or punctures, but if the tires aren’t holding air when you inflate them, it will soon be obvious. As long as they’re in decent shape, they should last you at least another year.

Take It For A Test Drive

Take the cart out for a test drive to see how it runs. If you notice any odd sounds or grinding and whirring noises, this could be a sign of internal damage. Make sure the cart runs smoothly, as you don’t want one that will jostle you around when you’re trying to enjoy a relaxing outing. You can also get a good sense of how its features suit you. If it ticks off every item on your checklist, you may have found the right cart for you.

You can have a lot of fun driving a golf cart. Buying a used one can let you enjoy that experience without costing you nearly as much as getting one fresh from the manufacturer. Keep these tips in mind when shopping for a used golf cart, and you’ll soon find the right one for you.