6 Things that You Need To Do Before You Hit Your 30s

For many of us, turning 30 is a milestone. We have made it through the mayhem of our 20s. We have gotten our education and started our careers. This is the age when people may consider settling down, marrying, or partnering up and starting a family. However, before that happens, you should consider some of these goals to meet before that iconic birthday.

1. Take a Trip to a Place on Your Bucket List

Do you want to see the pyramids in Egypt, or float in a gondola in the Grand Canal of Venice? Most of us have a place in mind that we have read about or have seen in a film that intrigues us. When you’re in your twenties,  this is the perfect time to take that wonderful trip. For even more adventure, consider taking that journey solo to really have the experience of a lifetime. Later on, when you are coupled up and raising a family, you can remember the wild times you had and the people you met on your solo journey. 

2. Enjoy a Joy Ride

Do you have a set of wheels in mind that is not only stylish and luxurious but also fits your personality? Everyone has their own idea of what a sweet ride is. If you can afford it now, purchase your dream car before your 30th birthday. Go wild and take chances during this time in your life while you can, and splurge. Eventually, when you enter your thirties, you’ll have more responsibilities on your shoulder, and you will most likely need to trade this vehicle in for something more family-friendly with room for car seats, or generally just more economical. Now is the time to indulge yourself with that sports car you always wanted. 

3. Learn a New Skill

Have you wanted to learn how to paint or cook a gourmet meal? If you want to learn a new language, you have a better chance of mastering the language the earlier you start. Now is the time to take the class to learn that new skill. Take advantage of this ‘me time’ you have to enrich and improve yourself; you will look back and be glad that you did. 

4. Start Saving Money

When you are in your 20s and just starting out in your career, the last thing on your mind may be retirement. It is best to start that retirement nest egg as early as possible for a better quality of life in your later years. You can usually roll over any 401k plans if you change jobs along the way. Whenever you have a cash surplus, no matter what the size, you can always deposit it into an interest-earning account for any future purchases, such as a down payment on a home or car. This is also the optimal time to pay off your credit card debt. You will save quite a bit of money on interest and will only help your credit rating when you apply for that mortgage. 

5. Begin a Wellness Regime 

Starting a wellness regime when you are very young will lead to a lifestyle choice that will last decades. Try to drop all your bad habits like smoking or excessive drinking as well during this time. Start running and run that marathon you have always thought about doing.  Most people who are fit and healthy in their later years are the people that made this lifestyle choice in their 20s. For instance, practicing yoga for many years has been known to help keep you fit and looking younger later in life. If your food choices reflect a healthier diet overall, this can also be beneficial for overall fitness. 

6. Get Organized

Are you someone that has a room in your home that is just a mess of papers? You can relieve much stress in your life if you organize all your clutter. It should take no more than a day to sort everything out. This routine is a positive habit to adapt and continue. Imagine the satisfaction you will feel knowing that everything in your life has its place and can be found very easily when you need it. The earlier you have your life organized the better. 

For most of us, our 20s are when we have our last bit of youthful freedom. Take the time to try and reach your pre-30s goals if you can. Your feelings of pride and accomplishment will carry over into the next decades of your life. When you look back, you won’t regret it.