6 Furniture Pieces That Will Take Your House To Another Level

Your choice of furniture plays a massive role in creating the atmosphere you desire inside your house. You can give your home a completely fresh look just by replacing a sofa or a couple of side tables. New furniture pieces, which you can discover here, can give you more functionality within your living area while also making it more fashionable. 

You can, of course, opt for just a few small tweaks. However, for the most satisfying results, you might want to think bigger. You’re going to need some inspiration when deciding how to revamp your interior, and for that, you’ve come to the right place. This article gives you the 6 top furniture pieces that can entirely transform your living space and give it a fresh new look.

1. A Statement Sofa

A living room isn’t complete without a remarkable statement sofa or a glamorous leather couch that steals the attention of your guests. Consider replacing your couch or sofa if it looks worn out or if it’s been a while since you first added it to your furniture collection. To add glamour to your space, you can go for cotton velvet materials that reflect a mid-century style and fit well in contemporary rooms. Velvet is also the perfect way to add a touch of old Hollywood to your living room.

2. A Geometric Glass Table

Sometimes, spaces can feel stuffy if there are too many furniture pieces in them. A great way to make a room feel less cluttered is by replacing the main table or the coffee table with a glass table. These tables come in stylish geometric shapes that add elegance while taking up less visual space. They fit in small areas and provide a geometric silhouette that brings more style to modern and contemporary spaces. If you have a room that feels overcrowded from all the furniture inside it, consider swapping your table for a glass table. If you are located in Mansfield, there are plenty of options to choose from at your nearest furniture store. Look for the top-rated furniture store near Mansfield and check out their selection of glass tables. It will transform your living space and make it feel more spacious and sophisticated.

3. An Ageless Rug 

If you feel like there’s nothing missing in your living room’s design, try sitting on the couch and taking a look around at the colors and textures. You’ll probably see all the artwork you hung on the walls, and maybe the cushions on your colorful statement couch, or the vintage cabinet you have next to the door. What may be missing is something to add more style to your hardwood or tiled floors and complement the surrounding colors. Use the colors, textures, and tones around you to pick a matching rug that can take your room to the next level. Rugs are supposed to last a long time so make sure you go for durable, high-quality materials.

4. A Cigar Chair 

You can always use an extraordinary piece of furniture in your living space. If you enjoy smoking cigars, or even if you just want one for the aesthetics, a cigar chair is a striking addition that can transform your room. Stylish leather cigar chairs are not just eye-catching, they are also very comfortable and can help you relax in style. There’s nothing more glamorous than smoking your evening cigar on your very own leather throne.

5. Dining Chairs

Dining is one of everyone’s favorite activities, and dinner parties are an awesome way to get your friends or family together for a great time. There’s nothing wrong with doing something easy and casual, but it’s also nice sometimes to take it up a notch. What could make a dinner party more fashionable than new velvet dining chairs that make your dining room feel like a high-end restaurant? 

Match them with a new lighting system and you’ll have your own bistro at home where you can invite all your pals and enjoy a lovely evening. Dining chairs can change a lot about your dining room design and even bring life and color to your old dining table.

6. Occasional Tables 

Occasional tables are tables that people often use for function rather than looks. We’re talking about end tables and coffee tables and a number of others that often don’t attract much attention. Nowadays, however, coffee tables come in cool, artistic designs and are constructed out of high-end materials. You can find marble and stone coffee tables with modern artistry that can take your home from average to glamorous.

If you want to transform your home’s design entirely and add new furniture items, it can be difficult to find the right pieces. Yet, you can find inspiration just by looking at your interior’s colors, textures, and tones to decide what’s missing and what can be added to complement your existing design. Most houses lack color or statement items that attract attention. Look for simple yet stylish statement pieces that can bring life to your space.