6 Effective Tips to Fix Broken Things At Home

Have you ever come across your favorite pot that is broken? But you do not want to dispose of it, as there are a lot of memories linked with it. Don’t worry here are some easy and effective tips to help you fix broken things at home.

To repair something or renovate the house is not an easy task. Your pocket will not always allow buying a new gadget after the old one is broken. You should be capable enough to fix small things at home on your own. All you need is just a creative mind and some basic items to fix things without needing a professional’s help.

Shown below are some of these tips and tricks to recycle or fix broken things at your ease.

1. How to Fix Loose Cabinet Knob

If one of your cabinet knobs or handles becomes loose, it can make things difficult for you. The material inside the cabinet is now at risk of contamination. The only option left for you is to fix it as early as possible to avoid further loss.

It can be fixed at home easily without the need for a pro. All you require is a good adhesive or glue that can fix it out at its place. Don’t worry about the trouble of taking that knob or handle out when required. A well-chosen adhesive can be removed easily when needed. 

2. Effortless DIY Fixing Of Broken Flower Pot

Flower pots with beautiful flower plants look wonderful whether hanging on the wall or kept somewhere. These pots can be costly. What if one of them breaks down by falling on the ground? Don’t worry there is a solution to this problem. 

You don’t need to throw it away. It can be fixed with just a number of steps. The method of repairing greatly depends on the type of material of which the pot is made up of. For ceramic repair, epoxy or glues are the best options. It can bring the life of your pot in an amazing way that will blow your mind.

Another option for fixing a broken pot is to turn it into something creative and beautiful. Smashed pieces can be aligned in a way that gives another type of decoration piece.

3. How To Repair The Couch Inexpensively

Sometimes the couch cover starts opening up the stitching fiber. It looks awful and gives a clumsy look to the whole room. Buying a new couch or its cover can be heavy on your pocket. Everyone can afford to change and buy new furniture every year.

No worries, you can fix it down on your own without paying much on it. A small piece of lace with matching or contrast color is enough to make the couch look better. Moreover, it can add a more stylish look as compared to the old one.

4. Fixing The Broken Mug In Few Steps

Imagine a mug gifted by your loved one accidentally fell and its handle broke down. It becomes useless for you with the broken handle. At the same time, you do not want to throw it away due to the emotional attachment. 

There exists a solution to this problem. It can be repaired with the help of polymer clay. You just have to pay for buying the polymer clay. Once you have it, you can fix the cup by yourself. You can mend the handle of the cup by making a beautiful flower or some simple design with polymer clay. Thus, the damaged cup or mug is not only fixed but looks amazingly different as well.

5. Repairing The Broken Wooden Items

Many decorative or usable items in the house are made up of wooden material. You can fix it up if the one is broken or damaged. It is not a difficult task if you have the right type of repairing material. 

Wooden items can be fixed easily with several good adhesives like glue, epoxy, or silicone glue. The choice of the right adhesive depends on the type of pot or material to be fixed. 

6. Fixing The Broken Vases by yourself 

Broken pottery vases can be fixed at home without putting in much effort. Take some good quality glue or another adhesive that can bind it effectively. First, clean the broken edges. Remove the crumbling pieces of material if any. Doing so can make the vase ready to be glued. Now, put some glue on one of the broken parts and make them stick together by holding them. The vase is now all new!

Nothing is difficult for you if you know how to deal with the situation wisely. No matter what kind of damage or loss you face, you can fix it yourself. For fixing the routinely used items at home, you should be capable enough to do it by yourself rather than calling a pro. For this purpose, you must have a toolbox containing some adhesives, glues, hammer, or similar other useful tools. This way, you can get out of these problems easily without needing the help of anyone.